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How to craft a fishing rod in "Maincraft": instruction

Today we will learn with you how to craft a fishing rod ingame called "Minecraft." This question is of interest to many players, especially beginners. In fact, not everything is difficult. It is enough only to gather certain resources in the game world and to unite them together. So what can come in handy? How to craft a fishing rod in "Maynkraft"?

how to craft a fishing rod


The first resource, which we need to implement today's ideas, are sticks. Perhaps, this object is most often found in the virtual world. And to get it is not so difficult.

How to craft a fishing rod? For this, in "Maynkraft" you need to look for sticks. They will only need 3 pieces for one product. In turn, this resource can be created independently. For this, on the workbench it is necessary to combine two boards. No matter what, any fit. That is, initially to answer the question of how to craft the fishing rod, you need to take 6 boards and collect 3 of them from the bench on a bench. After you can go to the search for other resources.


What else can you need from a player? To be honest, it's not so much. After all, in addition to sticks, you need to get the thread in the gaming world. With the help of these game objects you can understand how to craft a fishing rod in the game "Maincrafter".

Threads will be required in an amount of 2 pieces. At the same time, remember that you can not create them yourself, like sticks. Only to find in treasure chests (there are about 4 of them there), and also to dig in the abandoned mines from the web. Or this resource can be given after killing monsters. In this case, you need to hunt for spiders. After the murder, you will receive up to 2 coils of thread at a time.

how to craft a fishing rod in mayncecraft

How to craft a fishing rod? Using a workbench, combine 2 threads and 3 sticks. Done! Now you can go fishing! As you can see, there is nothing difficult or special in this process. But that is not all. In "Maynkraft" there is a rod with a carrot. Quite a useful item. And so it is worth learning how to get it.

Fishing rod with carrots

How does the craft work with carrots? Nothing special or difficult in this. The first thing to do is to make a fishing rod directly. How exactly? For this, as we have already found out, it is necessary to collect 3 sticks and 2 threads, which are combined on a workbench. What's next?

Now, it is not difficult to guess, it is necessary to getcarrot. It can be grown on a bed. Also, carrots are sought in the village. Either it is selected from the mobs as an extremely rare resource. In general, in any way, get this vegetable.

As soon as he is at your deskcombine the fishing rod and one carrot unit. More from you nothing will be required. Then you can use a fishing rod with carrots for the intended purpose. This is a great bait for taming some animals.

kraft rods with carrots

Now it is clear how to craft a fishing rod in the game"Meincraft." See, it's not so difficult. The main thing is to know where and in what quantities to extract those or other resources. Fishing Rod - this is one of the simplest items in the entire game world of "Meincraft". But it is also extremely useful. And from now on we are able to create all kinds of fishing rods - simple or with carrots.

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