/ / Stolny status for those who are tired of being silent

Stinging status for those who are tired of being silent

Many girls do not hide their impudence, even inin social networks. Day after day in the Internet there are more and more bitchiness status for girls. They help to open up and show your inner world.


Stolny status for social networks

"VKontakte", in "Classmates", in "Facebook"it is often possible to see the sayings of men that all women are the same. The stolen status on his personal page is a kind of challenge to a strong half of humanity. He will not leave indifferent guests profile.

  • Yes, I'm not a gift. But I did not promise to give myself to anyone.
  • Do you think that I have become different? Yeah, no, I just became like you deserve!
  • Well, the same tastes change for men. I saw my ex with an ugly girl and realized that besides the heart, I also tasted it.
  • If you are so interested in the question of how many men I had, I'll answer it to you: I did not have any muzhik, then goats, then sheep, then deer.
  • I, of course, like animals very much, but I will not let goat to my house.

Short stupid status with meaning

bitchy status for girls

It is not necessary to write wordly to convey the mood. Sometimes short phrases are more capacious than long speeches. Excellent bitchiness status can be selected from the following options.

  • If you think I'm a bitch, then ... You're doing the right thing.
  • - You're like a snowflake. - So mysterious, gentle and beautiful? -No! The same cold, filthy and slippery.
  • Men regard every woman as mother. Before getting acquainted, they ask: "Can I talk with you?"
  • My parents could not re-educate, you think, you will succeed!
  • To always be beautiful and young, you need to respond to all claims with a smile. Let them think better than to spoil their nerves.
  • If you say bad things about me, then you are jealous.
  • Smart girls work, stupid - they look for the one who will provide them, and bitch have all in mind and live for themselves.
  • Yes, I am the sun! But try to offend me only - I will immediately burn down.

Statuses in verse for girls with peppercorns

bitchiness status with meaning

More vividly and emotionally may sound bitchiness status, which is written in verse. For example, you can take the following ideas:

I love you very much,

But if you change me, then I'll kill you.


I do not have to like everyone,

Those who breed gossip, for me - like a shadow.

I live for myself, I do not notice anyone,

And if I need to, I play the role.


I'll put on my heels, I'll make up my eyes,

And another outfit is your new one, blazing with paint.

I'll go out into the street with a proud head.

You do not break my eyes, any passer-by.


It's very difficult to offend me,

To me all your speeches are perceived falsely.

I am the best and beautiful,

And I'm smart and very happy.

Well, if you're bored -

Better disappear from my life soundlessly.


I do not play on your notes,

My melody is alive.

Under the tune of envious people, I do not dance,

I draw the chords on my violin.

In my space I do not let strangers,

So that people close to him would not suddenly become small.

And if you do not like something,

I suggest you just relax.

Express your emotions and live to the fullest. Be interested in the opinions of loved ones and do not pay attention to evil people and gossips. Choose the statuses that most describe your nature. And what? Let everyone know!

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