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How to adjust the sound in "Bandicam": detailed instructions

If you downloaded the program "Bandicam" withofficial site, installed it and started recording video from the monitor, but when the recording was finished it was found out that the sound was not recorded with the video, then you got where you need to go.

how to adjust the sound in bandits

In this article we will talk about how to adjust the sound in"Bandicama". In addition to detailed instructions, we will also describe how to improve the quality of recorded sound, which in many cases will help improve the quality of the video itself. So, let's get started.

Turn on the sound in the program

For some reason, in the standard configuration of the program, inthe one that is right after installation, the option to record audio is disabled. It is this factor that knocks out novice users in the way of recording quality content. As it is easy to guess, all we need to do is to enable this option. However, this may not be enough, and the problem may lie in another, but about everything in order.

So, how to set up the sound in Bandicama? The first thing you need to do is open the program itself. Next, on the "Videos" tab, find the button with the name "Settings", but there are two of them there, select the one that is on top, in the "Record" field.

After you clicked on it, before youa window called "Recording setup" should appear. In it, go to the first tab - "Sound." It is on it that the sound is adjusted both system and from devices.

how to set up a sound in a bandicama

First of all, put a check mark in front of you"Sound recording". It was because this option was disabled that you could not hear the sound on the footage. In general, this is enough to make the sound appear, but just in case, let's conduct a full-scale sound adjustment.

In the field "Main Device" there is a drop-downlist, open it. Before you should appear a list with all the playback devices connected to the computer. You need to choose the name of your columns. If there you did not find them, then select the item Win7 Sound (WASAPI). Now, while recording video, the system sound will also be recorded.

Turn on the microphone

If you want to record from yourmicrophone, then you need to pay attention to the bottom drop-down list. There, select the name of your microphone. After that, you can safely press the "OK" button and start recording the video.

Now you know how to set up the sound in Bandicama. Well, now let's talk how to improve this very sound.

Improving the quality of recorded sound

If you learned how to adjust the sound in "Bandicam", but as a result were dissatisfied with its quality, now we will tell you how to improve it.

The list of ongoing actions is small, since the essence is one, you need to put the maximum marks on all settings that somehow touch the sound.

In the "Videos" tab, click "Settings" in the "Format" column and in the "Audio" field, set the maximum frequency and bit rate. These factors are responsible for the quality of the recorded sound.

Well, that's all, now you know absolutely everything about how to adjust the sound in "Bandicama".

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