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How to log in to the router for configuration?

How to enter the settings of the router - ourtoday's review. For owners of routers, as a rule, complete with the product is an instruction. If for some reason it does not answer your questions - this review is specially for you.

Let's start from the very beginning: What is a router and what is it for? A router (router) is a device that allows multiple users to access the Internet through a single access point. This is if very briefly and without frenzied technical details.

In other words, you have a dedicatedInternet line, which provides access to the network for your computer. Using a router / router, you can access the Network for multiple devices at the same time. In this case, some models "distribute" the Internet using Wi-Fi (wireless communication protocol), which eliminates the need to lay cables to create a local network.

Thus, if there is a need for an exitin the Internet at once for several working machines, it is not necessary for every PC to pull a dedicated line. It's enough just one line and a router for the organization of the Internet access of the whole family, the whole office or department of your organization.

To work with a router you need certain knowledge,at least - how to go to the router for settings, which settings to make and where to enter them, how to create a network, how to protect it from unauthorized access. This is not a complete list of what you need to know for the correct organization of public Internet access.

But do not scare yourself with this impressivea list of "what you need to know and be able to ...". In fact, the router can be configured in just a few clicks. You can go to the settings of the router through your favorite browser, and the settings for its safe and trouble-free operation will take just a few minutes.

So, you have a dedicated line and a router,which you want to use for its intended purpose. In order to configure it and provide access to the Internet, it is not necessary to know how to enter the router. In the delivery package, there is usually an instruction and an installation disk with which you can set up everything in a few minutes. This is possible even for those who have absolutely no technical skills and special education. For successful configuration, you must have an Internet connection, a PC that has a network card and a CD-ROM drive.

However, there are situations in which you need to goon the router for more fine-tuning or changing existing settings. You can do this using your browser (Internet browser). How to do this (provided that the router's factory settings are used.) IP, login and password for your router model, see the instructions to the router):

  1. connect the router and the computer using a network cable;
  2. in the address bar of your browser, drive in;
  3. username: admin;
  4. password: admin;
  5. if done correctly - you get to the web menu of the router, where you can make all necessary settings or modify existing ones.

Little to know how to go on a router. You still need to understand what to do after you have gone there. Recommendations that are highly desirable for performing any manipulation of equipment:

  1. ALWAYS read the instructions that come with the equipment;
  2. if you change the existing settings, be sure to backup (save a copy) of the existing settings;
  3. if you do not understand well what you need to do, which settings to enter or change, read the instructions that come with your device once again;
  4. if you are not confident in your abilities, and still do not know exactly how to enter the router and then what to do next, do not take risks, the best solution is to contact a specialist.
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