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How to link "Steam" to "Twitch" and mail

For what it is necessary to link "Steam" to differentadditional customers? In fact, no one forces you to do this. But in some cases this will provide you with additional convenience in using certain services, and in others you can simply increase the security of your profile so that no one can steal it. In this article, you will learn how to link "Steam" to "Twitch" and to the mailbox. And also you will find out whether it is possible to bind to the phone number.

Binding account "Steam" to "Twitch"

how to bind a Steam to a Tweak

One of the most popular questions thatarise concerning the binding of accounts of "Steam", is connected with "Twitch-TV". What it is? For those who do not know what "Twitch-TV" is, and has never used this service, and also wants to learn how to link "Steam" to "Twitch", it should be explained that this is a special site where broadcasts are conducted online battles in games such as "Dota" or "Counter Strike." So if you want to watch some exciting duel between experienced professionals in your favorite game, then you'll have to register for Tweec. And then you can join any broadcast and watch how cool gamers play. However, to independently broadcast, you will need to use your "Steam" client, and it's not so easy to do it every time. That's why people ask a question about how to link "Steam" to "Twitch". Fortunately, this can be done in just a few minutes. The fact is that in the settings of your account in "Twice" you can find a page where you can control various bindings. Naturally, among them you will find "Steam", and everything is quite convenient and safe - you do not need to enter either your login or password. It is enough just to press one button, which will allow you to log directly through "Steam". That's all, now your account in "Twice" is tied to your profile in "Steam".

Bind a mailbox

linking the stim to the twitch

Now you know how to bind"Steam" to "Tvich", but in this case, security does not go in principle. If you want to provide maximum protection for your account, you will need to change the mailbox to the one that belongs exclusively to you and is the most reliable in your profile settings. The matter is that you will use it for authorization, and also a special code will come to it, with which you can confirm that you are the owner of the account. If you do not enter this code, then the protection will not let you into the account. How to link "Steam" to the mail? As it was said before, this is done through the settings of the "Steam" profile, so it will take even less time for you than the binding in "Twitch".

Snap to phone

how to link account stim

Many gamers ask the question of how to bindaccount "Steam" to the phone number for increased security. Alas, this is impossible - the creators of "Steam" believe that their Steam Guard system is quite reliable. Therefore, there is no link to the phone number, although there are quite frequent cases of account theft. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to think about the introduction of such a binding.

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