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Profession "lawyer": pros and cons, description of functions and responsibilities

If you are "lost" in search of your calling,pay attention to how necessary and popular is the profession "lawyer" at all times. Pros and cons of it are not as obvious as it seems at first glance. We will try to consider them in detail in this article.

profession lawyer pros and cons

Who are lawyers. What do they do, what duties do they perform

A lawyer is a professional who is on guardof the law. Excellent understanding of the legal documentation, he defends the interests of citizens who turned to him for help. Of course, this is only the most general definition.

Lawyers working in ministries and departments,are engaged in norm-setting activities, that is, they "directly compose", develop the wording of laws, decrees, decrees. They also edit and revise the content of legal documentation.

High-class lawyers work in court,the prosecutor's office, the police, the FSB, supervisory authorities, as well as in the tax and customs services. They protect public order, warn and investigate offenses.

A significant part of the "experts on the law" is engaged insphere of upholding the interests of commercial organizations. In large corporations and banks, full-fledged legal departments are created, before which tasks are set:

  1. To ensure the correct execution of the company's commercial operations from the point of view of Russian and international law.
  2. Protect the interests of the company in court, participate in out-of-court settlement of disagreements with partners.

Lawyers with private practice conduct reception of citizens, assisting in ordinary matters concerning inheritance, division of property, housing or tax disputes, disagreements with employers.

Some graduates of law schools remain within the walls of their own academies and universities to teach special disciplines to future "lawyers".

Experts with a wide experience of work receive incomes also from journalistic activity.

Whichever duties the "lawyer" profession assumes, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of the specialty before you sign the employment contract.

pros and cons of the profession lawyer

What qualities it is important to possess

A professional lawyer must have a special character and mindset in order to really succeed in his field. What character traits distinguish a lawyer who confidently steps forward?

1. Learning. To become popular on the market of legal services, it is necessary to constantly replenish the luggage of knowledge, scrupulously monitor changes in laws, regulations, regulations. An experienced lawyer gets used to complicated, often ambiguous wording of documents.

2. Responsibility. The fate of a person, family, and often - firms with many thousands of employees depends on how well this specialist performs his tasks. It is important to be able to bear this burden and cope with it.

3. Stress-resistance. The lawyer regularly has to "fold mountains" in a short time, while making difficult decisions. Every step of it should be done impartially, carefully, with a cold head. It is very difficult not to panic and not be afraid of the consequences of one's own mistakes, omissions, rash acts.

4. Ability to work with people and inspire confidence. Too modest, shy, doubting a lawyer is unlikely to succeed. People who find themselves in a difficult situation, it is important to get a clear answer, what can be done, how to protect the interests of his family and business. The voice, behavior, intonations of the professional should be felt unshakable confidence. The "lawyer" profession is also noteworthy. Pros and cons of it lies in the fact that the person taking the decision making in the field of law, just have to become not only stronger, but also more attractive to people - potential customers.

main advantages in the profession of lawyer

5. Purposefulness and perseverance. The winner is the one who does not give up - this is the principle of the work of an excellent lawyer. The competent specialist even in the most hopeless case is looking for clues that will improve the situation for the client.

6. Ability to create a reputation for yourself. The success of a lawyer depends largely on what is being said about him. Professionals are working on their image. To do this, they have to pay attention to many seemingly insignificant details. For potential customers, it matters what kind of clothes a lawyer or legal adviser wears, what property he owns, what kind of people he's driving with.

Before turning to a specialist, peopletry to make inquiries about it. If it becomes known that things are not going well with him (he lost several cases in a row, quarreled with an influential person, breaks himself from bread to water), potential customers will be careful not to go to him. However, an overly expensive and well-known lawyer can cause distrust among people: they do not want to pay too much for the status of an expert.

How to start a career as a lawyer

Secondary special education for the successfulstart is not enough. To get a good position and earn a decent job, it is important to get a diploma of higher education. If there is no possibility to enter the full-time department of the university, it is necessary to file documents for evening or correspondence courses. You can also learn remotely on a commercial basis.

Qualitative and in-depth education will help you reliably learn what are the pros and cons of the profession "lawyer".

While attending school, it is important to take part in theconferences on jurisprudence, making every effort to win. State universities often leave one or two places for outstanding students, winners of city and regional intellectual competitions and olympiads.

After several years of work, it will not matterwhich university and in which specialty did you study, under what circumstances did you start to learn all the pros and cons of the profession "lawyer". Having earned an excellent reputation, you will no longer lack a means of earning.

what are the pros and cons of the profession lawyer

What to do at the stage of education in the university

To a student who seriously wants to become a lawyer, it is importantarrange for all the work and internship in the specialty, which he can only find. It is worthwhile to offer its services, at first free of charge, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office, private legal advice.

Having received a diploma, it is important not to dwell onachieved level, and continue to improve their qualifications by studying at special courses for lawyers. If possible, it is worth entering a post-graduate course and earning a Ph.D.

When studying at a university, it is also worth tryingarticles. The ability to formulate thoughts is a quality that is necessary for people whose profession is a lawyer. Description, all the pros and cons of the specialty is important to know in advance.

Send the texts for publication in different editions. Earn a portfolio and carefully store documents that prove your professional experience.

How many lawyers earn

The initial income in the province is small: from 8 to 12 thousand rubles. per month. However, at the start of a career, it is important to earn not so much money as reputation, experience and experience of interaction with customers.

Only after several years of continuous work, young lawyers, police officers, prosecutors are beginning to understand all the pros and cons of the profession of a lawyer.

Having on hand the official confirmation of experiencework, a young professional can become a legal advisor in a bank or a large corporation. Salary, depending on the level of professionalism and capabilities of the company, will be from 15 to 50 thousand rubles.

Having taken the post of chief or deputy head of the legal department, you can receive from 30 to 120 thousand rubles. in the province.

profession lawyer description all the pros and cons

How to earn more

To sell their services more often and more expensively, the lawyeryou need to not only improve your professional level, but also be able to sell yourself. It's important to be visible: to expand the circle of acquaintances, to talk unobtrusively in informal conversations, among other things about what exactly you are doing.

New customers and employers can be found atseminars, exhibitions, conferences. It is important to actively promote oneself: to make speeches, express opinions on events, offer help.

If someone tells you about a difficult situation, do not be stinted in giving free advice at first, how best to do it. Any "cap" acquaintance can become a client.

You can also increase your income repeatedly,developing the career of an international lawyer. Studying foreign languages ​​and norms of interethnic law, a competent specialist in law can become a very wealthy person.

This is very attractive profession "lawyer"the advantages and disadvantages of which are that the services of a competent specialist are always very much in demand. Even if customers are willing to pay a round fee, not always have the strength to work at night. It is always difficult to give up generous rewards.

the profession of a lawyer what are the pros and cons

Benefits of working as a lawyer

In each specialty, you can identify both attractive and repelling moments. Consider the main advantages in the profession of a lawyer.

1. Interesting thing. This work is very creative. It develops intellect, memory, attention.

2. Prestige. The title of any specialty in the field of law enforcement is very pleasant to write on a business card. An experienced professional lawyer can be proud of his position in society.

3. Excellent prospects. The lawyer of any industry has opportunities for development and growth.

4. Rapidly growing circle of acquaintances. To the constant close and prolonged contact with people the most important, perhaps, is precisely the profession "lawyer". The pros and cons of this state of affairs are that, on the one hand, you get many "useful" acquaintances ready to help, on the other - you have to constantly be open to communication, and this is very difficult.

5. Independence. Many lawyers work for themselves, being individual entrepreneurs. They personally manage their time, both workers and personal, do not have to report to their superiors and carry out orders.

6. The relevance. A professional lawyer with experience is always very attractive for clients.

7. For "internationals", the plus is also the opportunity to travel without interrupting work.

Disadvantages of the specialty

profession lawyer pros and cons of specialty

No matter how valuable and prestigious the profession of "lawyer" seemed, the advantages and disadvantages of it are equally important and, perhaps, equal.

In an effort to become an expert in any field of law, it is important to have an idea of ​​the shortcomings of future work:

1. Daily activities of a lawyer involve the registration of a large number of papers. To be able to perform office tasks, you need to be a methodical and consistent person, do not be afraid of boredom and routine.

2. A lawyer who does not aspire to career heights, as a rule, retains a low income for the entire period of employment.

3. This work is associated with frequent stresses. Defending the interests of one party, a lawyer invariably enters into conflict with another. Very complicate the work and the tight deadlines that the business world dictates.

4. A lawyer with private practice, as a rule, does not have a guaranteed monthly income. We have to work hard to find customers.

5. Lawyers who are in the civil service (government, prosecutor's office, police, FSB) are usually an irregular working day. Many employees are required to carry night duty.

6. Persons working in law enforcement agencies must endanger their lives and health.

7. Lawyers in the field of criminal law are obliged to regularly communicate with antisocial elements and visit the prisons, in which the atmosphere is heavy.


We hope that after reading the article you will understand what the "lawyer" profession is, what pros and cons are inherent in it.

profession lawyer pros and cons

In search of vocation, be sure to listen to your intuition. Beware of following good advice from third parties if you feel that the road suggested by them does not suit you.

When deciding which profession to choose, remember that only those people who are engaged in their favorite business achieve great success in their life.

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