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Job description of the Deputy Director for OIA: duties and rights

Within each educational institution there is alist of posts that are in a certain hierarchical sequence subject to the school principal. Standards, duties, rules and responsibilities are determined by the list of norms and regulations approved at the legislative level.

Deputy Training Officer

Deputy Director on this issue -a person who is responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations, and initiates activities aimed at their provision. Official duties for this position are established and regulated by job description. It is made on the basis of laws and regulations, approved at all levels of executive power - from the head of the school to the city executive committee.

Main questions

According to the approved order of the Ministry of EducationRussian Federation, Deputy. Director for OIA is determined for the position, as it is removed from it, only by the director. During vacation, disability or other events, his duties may be performed by the deputy director for educational work. Also functions can be performed by one of the pedagogical staff. This teacher should have a great work experience and certain skills. The discharge of duties during this period is carried out on the basis of the prepared order on behalf of the principal.

job description of deputy director for usr

When drafting an order, all the requirements of the labor legislation must be observed.

Requirements for the position

In order to work by profession, the job description of the Deputy Director for OIA assumes a number of requirements for the employee:

  • The Deputy Director for OIA must have at least 5 years of seniority in teaching and managerial positions.
  • Education is necessarily higher professional.
  • Submission - directly to the principal of the school (both functionally and administratively).

The job description of the Deputy Director forOIA establishes that directly teachers, teachers of supplementary education, and class leaders are directly subordinate to the master. Interaction with them within the framework of official duties must be correct, polite. In case of non-fulfillment of any item, a list of responsibilities, which is carried by the deputy director for teaching and upbringing work before colleagues and school management, is provided.

In carrying out its direct activities, the deputyOn OIA is guided by the Charters and regulations of the region, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and various laws, government decisions, decrees or decisions of the President of the Russian Federation, decisions and regulations of bodies at all levels responsible for the issues of education and training of students, HSE norms and rules, the Charter and local acts of secondary education.

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Job descriptions of the deputy directorSchools for OIA and other positions are kept in school. In addition, the rights and obligations are regulated by the employment contract, which is concluded with this employee, as well as decrees, as well as decrees given by the director of the school, directly by the job description.

Job descriptions of the deputy directorSchools for OIA are written directly at the school and approved by the director of the educational institution. After approval, periodic reviews of the document are carried out.

Considering exemplary job descriptionsduties and rights, it can be seen that the content in all is about the same. The job description of the Deputy Director for OIA, a sample of which can be seen on the official website of the Ministry of Education, always contains a description of the main functionality, requirements for the position, rights, duties and responsibilities of the employee in question.

Main functions

Contains the deputy's job descriptionDirector for OIA functions that can not be treated differently than they are explained by the normative and legislative acts of the Russian Federation. It has a list of all directions.

The main directions, which are managed by the deputy director, are:

  • Organization in the school of the education process, the management of this process, control of its development and implementation.
  • Implementation of the methodological guidance of all the teaching staff of the educational institution.
  • Ensuring observance of regulations, rules of TB by pupils and teachers in the educational process.

These requirements contain job descriptionDeputy Director for OIA. The general provision included in the instruction also describes the key duties of the employee who is working at that position.

Main areas of work

The job description of the Deputy Director forOIA, the main areas of work in which are spelled out in great detail, contains a certain list of official functional responsibilities. According to him, the deputy director:

  • The activity of the teachers' team is planned, it organizes perspective directions of activity.
  • Coordinates and organizes the development of the required teaching and methodological documents and materials.
  • Coordinates the work of teachers, as well as other staff of the pedagogical staff for the implementation of plans and programs for the educational process.
  • Systematically monitors the quality of the education process, and also monitors the objectivity of the results of evaluating the preparation of students, circles, extracurricular activities.
  • It happens in the lessons, various training sessions, which are conducted by the staff of the pedagogical staff (not less than 180 hours). Carries out the analysis and informs employees of results of checks.
  • Organizes work on the examination and preparation for them.
  • Accepts parents, educates them about issues related to the learning process.
  • Helps educators to master and develop innovative programs and technologies.
  • Controls the school load of schoolchildren.
  • Is engaged in drawing up a schedule of lessons, andalso other types of activities, provides replacement of the absent teacher in a quality and on time. He is engaged in keeping a journal of missed lessons and lessons of those who have been replaced.
  • In due time delivers the reporting documentation, exercising control over its correct composition.
  • Supervises the correctness of the management of classroom journals and other necessary documentation.
  • Participates in the process of staffing the school, and takes the necessary measures to preserve the quality and quantity of students in the educational institution.
  • It monitors students' compliance with established rules for students.
  • He takes an active part in staff placement and selection of deputies for opening vacancies, organizes professional development for them, develops professional skills of employees.
  • Manages the work of methodologies, increasing his own qualification, including.
  • He makes his proposals on improving the education process, takes part in the work of the school council.
  • Conducts attestations and takes part in their training for assessing the school's employees.
  • Engaged in the time sheet of the time worked by teachers who are in his direct submission (keeps a report card, signs it and presents it to the school principal).
  • Carries out actions on equipment of officeseducational literature, modern and technological equipment, teaching aids, replenishes the library with literature necessary for conducting a quality educational process.
  • Organizes compliance with the rules and regulations on PA.
  • Provides the necessary control over the correctness and safety of the use of devices, equipment, and technical means.
  • Together with the deputy head of the secondaryeducational institution for AHO organizes qualitative, as well as timely conduct of certification of all educational premises (cabinets, workshops, ancillary facilities).

job description of the deputy director for usr of the college

In addition, the job description and the duties of the Deputy Director for OIA include:

  • Drawing up lists of persons who are subject torepeated medical examinations. At the same time, lists are compiled according to the materials received from medical organizations authorized to do so. Obligatory to indicate the factor according to which the medical examination will be conducted.
  • Organization of revisions and development of materials, instructions on OT, BZhD, materials concerning the safety of performing laboratory as well as practical work.
  • To monitor the timely conduct of briefings for students and register it in the journal.
  • Determination of the training of SDA, behavior on the street and on water bodies, fire safety. The procedure is defined together with the deputy director. Knowledge testing is also joint.
  • Conducting together with the trade union committeescontrol of safe use, as well as storage of instruments and equipment, chemical laboratory reagents, allowances, furniture. Under special control are devices and devices not provided for by the standard classical lists of equipment needed in schools (installed in production workshops, other premises without appropriate authorization). In the event that dangerous conditions are created for the health and safety of students and employees, the educational process is suspended.
  • Identification of the circumstances, which resulted in an incident with the employee, the student.
  • Observance of ethical norms of behavior in the school establishment, everyday life, public place in accordance with the social status of the teacher.


Not only does the job description list the job description of the Deputy Director for OIA. The rights in it are spelled out clearly and in detail.

job description and duties of the deputy director for usr

The deputy for OIA within the competence has the right:

  • Give the employees of the school, who are in direct obedience, mandatory orders and instructions.
  • Students should be held accountable for actions that violate the learning process. This is done in the manner established by the Charter of the school, as well as the Rules on penalties and incentives.
  • To be in any class that is heldpupils of the school. At the same time, he does not have the right to enter the office after the lesson began without any urgent need to do it, but also to correct the teacher during the course of the lesson.
  • To make changes to the schedule of lessons in necessary cases, also to cancel lessons or temporarily to connect classes and groups for carrying out of employment simultaneously.


Responsibility also contains the job description of the Deputy Director for OIA. The employee is responsible for:

  • Failure to comply with the Rules of the School, which is not proper under the Charter, without valid reasons for this.
  • Non-compliance with regulations of the school, anylegal directions or orders issued by the director of the school, immediate official obligations, and not for the application of the rights that are granted. Responsibility is imposed in the manner established by the labor law of the Russian Federation. For gross violations as punishment, dismissal may be applied.
  • For the application of physical or psychological measuresas a means of educating students, committing any immoral misdemeanor, the deputy is dismissed, according to the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education" and in accordance with labor legislation. At the same time dismissal is not considered in this case as a sufficient measure.
  • Violation of the rules of the OT, sanitary and hygienic regulations, fire safety, rules of the organization of the educational process.

job description of the deputy director for usr responsibility

Establishes deputy's job descriptionDirector of OIA, the procedure of work, in case of violation of which the responsibility will also be. For causing damage to the school, as well as participants in the education process, related to non-fulfillment (performance) of official duties, material responsibility is assumed. Order and limits are set by the Labor or Civil Code.

Communication with other levels of power

Job descriptions of the deputy director of the school for OIA assume that in order to fulfill his direct duties, the employee will communicate with various levels of authority and responsibility.

According to this, the Deputy Director for OIA:

  • Constantly works in a mode involvingirregular day. The regime is introduced according to the schedule, proceeding from the 40-hour week established by the legislation. A schedule is approved by the director of a college or school.
  • Counts its activities independently. Plans are drawn up for each year and every quarter. The director approves the plans at least five days from the beginning of the period.
  • Prepare reporting for the director at the end of a quarter, semester.
  • Acting as head of the school in the case ofhis absence. Obligations are carried out in accordance with the labor legislation, on the basis of orders of the director or the order of the leadership of the municipal authority responsible for education.

What is GEF?

The content of job descriptions is controlled by special standards, including the job description of the Deputy Director for OIA. GEF regulates the requirements for this position.

GEF (F - Federal, G - State, O -Educational, C - Standard) is a set of requirements that are mandatory for execution. Requirements are imposed on the formation of a particular level or profession, the direction of training or specialty. These requirements are approved by the state executive body. He implements the functions of developing curricula, as well as regulatory and legal settlement in the field of education.

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The job description of the Deputy Director for OIA, as well as any other job descriptions, must be compiled in accordance with GEF requirements.

Revision of documents

The job description of the Deputy Director forOVR College or school is reviewed at least every 2 years. Changes in the instruction can be made by the director of the school or college if it is necessary to apply changes or clarifications of educational or educational purposes, assignments of the educational institution, as well as the introduction of innovative activities, changes or optimization of the functional structure governing the institution.

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The Director agrees with all changes introducedcouncil of school or college. The job description of the deputy director for the College of Water Resources, college, school implies familiarization with all points in writing.

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