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How to write an autobiography for a job

Summary is by no means the only thing thatrequire the employee to work. Especially, if you are going to a large corporation, where there is a strict selection of applicants. In this case, the recruiter can ask you for a description and recommendations. It is also important to know how to write an autobiography.

It would seem that you need an autobiography foremployment, when there is a summary, which details such information as education, experience and skills? The fact is that the biography is more focused on the inner world of its creator. That is, in theory, it should disclose some features of his personality, which you can not see in the summary.

how to write an autobiography

So, how to write an autobiography to make itdid you like our potential employer? Actually, it's important not even what you include in such an epistolary genre, how many how you do it. The autobiography, ideal in terms of volume, is somewhere a sheet of A4 paper filled on one side. At the same time, you can write both handwritten and typed the history of your life on the computer. With her most likely to get acquainted not only your future boss, but also a human resources manager, as well as a psychologist. In rare cases, it happens that the written is studied by the graphologist - then it is important to write it by hand.

So, what points should a goodautobiography? An example for non-specific work is given below. Immediately make a reservation: if you are a creative person, you can give yourself the will in the presentation, if you are applying, for example, to the position of accountant or manager, it is better not to be original.

The main thing is how to write an autobiography - thisadhere to a specific plan for the items, while maintaining a free style of presentation. You can start from the date of birth: where and when you were born. Then write about the profession of your parents. For example: "I was born in Novosibirsk in the family of a teacher and an engineer." Next, tell us about how to get education - from school to university days. Specify the special courses that you have passed.

autobiography is an example for work

The next paragraph of the autobiography is your workexperience. Briefly describe in which companies and on what posts you managed to work and what brought you to this organization. At the same time, be sure to indicate how your career developed, what successes you achieved at work. If you have gratitudes and rewards, mention them. This is an undoubted plus in the fight against other job seekers.

autobiography in employment

A man should not forget about such a point asmilitary duty. Served? Specify in what part and when, what military ranks you have. And women can write about the period of maternity leave and about what role he played in their lives.

Next, tell us about your marital status, give brief information about your wife and children.

Finally, in the end, indicate your passportdata and contacts for communication: telephone, e-mail. Put date and signature. It is worth mentioning that when composing an autobiography, do not invent any facts from life. Remember: it's easy to check what you wrote about. But to return the lost trust of the employer of your dreams is almost impossible. Now you know the main points of how to write an autobiography for a job. Success in employment!

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