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Profession program manager: example. Profession program manager for personnel management. Sales Manager Profession

Hearing the word "professiogram", many peoplecan understand that they did not face such a concept before. This term does not often occur, although it appeared quite a long time ago. To begin with it is necessary to disassemble the very concept of a professionogram and understand its essence.

What is a professiogram?

The term "professiogramme" means a descriptionsigns of a profession, as well as a list of requirements and norms imposed on a specialist in this field. If we consider the detailed content of the profession, we can say that it includes a detailed list of functions, tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to the employee of a particular specialty. It also contains requirements for all the personal qualities of a professional. In addition, it contains many criteria (psychological, psychophysiological, technical, industrial and many others) that a person has to match in order to successfully carry out activities within a particular profession.

professional manager's profile

In a word, it can be said that the professiogram- a very useful thing. It allows to determine the professional suitability of a person and to properly assess his capabilities, which is especially important in a crisis. It is at this time that the need for qualified personnel increases. In this regard, professions are often helpful in developing anti-crisis personnel policies.

A little bit about the history of the term

Certainly, it is necessary to say a few words abouthistory of this concept. Despite the fact that the word is not very common, and it is not so often heard, it appeared long ago. The appearance of the professionogram dates back to the pre-scientific period. This concept has arisen from the moment when people began to divide all work activity into different professions. The mere fact of the existence of any particular profession gave rise to the creation of a description for it, and then a list of the qualities that are required for a particular worker. Description of professions can be found even in ancient myths and fairy tales, so we can conclude that this phenomenon arose indeed many centuries ago.

It is interesting that in the work of the ancient Greek philosopherPlato "State" you can meet recommendations on what qualities people need for certain types of work. This work was written in 360 BC. e. Naturally, at that time the term "professiogram" did not exist, but gradually it was becoming.

Profession of the manager - characteristic features

Recently, the concept of "manager" has become veryblurred. If a person works as a manager, this can mean completely different things. However, there is a universal definition by which you can really distinguish managers from other employees.

In the broadest sense, the manager isa specialist whose job is to manage a group of people to achieve a goal and solve a certain range of tasks. It is also the responsibility of the manager to monitor and coordinate the processes that occur within the work of the team.

career profile of the HR manager

The profession manager's profile is designed to help assess the quality of a specialist in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the profession.

Many believe that the manager is nota serious and skilled worker and can not do anything himself. One can say with absolute certainty that this is not so. Of course, like in any other activity, sometimes there are cases when a specialist does not perform his duties well enough, but this does not affect the profession as a whole. A truly effective manager is able to organize the activities of both individual units and the entire organization as a whole.

Manager's profession: what qualities do managers need?

As already mentioned above, for any specialistthere is a list of requirements and functions. Now we need to understand what the manager's professionogram involves. An example can be found in the specialized literature, however, it is necessary to identify the basic requirements for specialist managers.

Professionogram Manager example

To become a successful manager, regardless of the direction of activity, the following prerequisites are necessary:

  • It is necessary to possess management technologies, the ability to apply various mechanisms of influence (psychological, economic, social and others).
  • You need an excellent knowledge of the subject area, the ability to navigate in it to make well-considered and justified management decisions.

The profession manager's program for managing virtually any industry also includes a list of the duties of such a specialist. This list is quite broad, it includes:

  • planning of the company's commercial activities taking into account its strategic goals;
  • analysis and solution of a wide range of problems (personnel, economic, technical, organizational and other);
  • taking measures to increase labor productivity and increase sales of products;
  • conducting analysis of the effectiveness of the company;
  • maintaining relationships with business partners;
  • collection of necessary information on the activities of the organization.

Personnel Manager: about the profession

This is one of the most popular occupations incurrently. This specialist is engaged in the selection of employees for vacancies. In addition, he often performs a wider range of duties related to personnel management. It is also sometimes responsible for creating and maintaining optimal working conditions for employees of the organization.

career manager of management

Often in small companies, the HR managerfulfills the duties of the whole department, assuming the functions of not only recruiting, but also training the personnel, creating a system of motivation and encouraging labor, and maintaining personal affairs of employees. Proceeding from this, it can be said that the professional profile of the HR manager differs markedly from that of other specialists in the field of management.

Human Resources Manager: Differences in Professionogram

The general requirements for allmanagers. However, each region has its own specific features. Now it is worthwhile to talk about what includes the career profile of the HR manager.

professiogram of the manager on personnel management

For an employee of this profile, education is required, best of all in the specialty "Personnel Management".

The HR manager should have a goodtraining in the field of labor psychology, social psychology and fine-tune the labor legislation. A specialist in personnel must be astute and observant, and also have a delivered speech.

Sales Manager: requirements for a specialist

As detailed study showed, the totalProfessionogram manager is not uniform for all managers. There are a lot of differences related to specialization. Another popular direction for specialists in the field of management is sales.

Profession program of the sales manager

Sales Manager is the link betweenproducer of goods or services and their consumers. In fact, the role of such a specialist is much more important than it may seem at first glance. From his activity depends directly on the success of the product or service, and, consequently, the company's profit.

The profession manager's sales profile assumes the following basic requirements:

  • knowledge of the mechanisms and features of the promotion of goods on the market;
  • knowledge of the basics of marketing and logistics;
  • knowledge of the rules for filling out documents.

You can study at the sales manager both in secondary special and in higher educational institutions. Often additional training is already taking place at the workplace.

Also the manager's professiogram, in addition toprofessional skills, indicates a list of personal qualities that a specialist should possess, for example, developed communication skills, delivered speech, high stress tolerance and the ability to find an approach to any person.

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