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Mass recruitment - recruiting. Staff recruitment and recruitment

The modern labor market is in a state ofdevelopment: new vacancies and professions arise, the conditions and circumstances of hiring change, the demands of employers and the needs of applicants are changed.

recruitment and recruitment

Mass recruitment is a relatively new phenomenon. It is due to the emergence of large organizations, the expansion of successful enterprises and the increase in demand for reliable employees.

What does "mass recruitment" mean

This term is the process of searching, selecting andhiring a large number of employees for the same or the same type of job. Mass recruitment has several distinctive features that make it possible to identify and formulate the specifics of this type of activity:

  • The set must be completed within a certain period of time.
  • The presence of a large number of similar vacancies.
  • Attraction of large human resources.
  • Impressive budget.

The selection and hiring of personnel in such conditions is characterized by scale, speed and work with huge volumes of information.

recruiting agency

Accepting for mass recruiting, specialistsrealize that there is a specific date for completing staffing. Therefore, they pay maximum attention to the development of detailed work plans and the proper allocation of future expenses.

Who is engaged in large-scale recruiting

In the mass recruitment of workers, as a rule,large companies are interested in which employees of all levels are required to work: hypermarkets, chain stores and public catering establishments, training centers with a large number of branches, banking institutions, manufacturing enterprises and many others.

Typically, such companies have their own department orservice, engaged in attracting new employees. The use of their resources is justified by the fact that the personnel of the personnel service are well acquainted with the sphere of activity of the enterprise, with its atmosphere and procedures. Therefore, it is logical to assume that they can more accurately and capacitively assess candidates, understand their needs and explain to them future responsibilities.

The recruiting agency is involved in thosecases, when the employees of the enterprise can not independently cope with the volume of work because of the insufficient number of staff, lack of time, experience or qualifications.

Separate nuances of the process

A large number of new vacancies that you needclose, is associated with the processing of a huge number of applications and questionnaires from applicants. Each company has its own system of recruitment, but they all have some common features.

Employees engaged in mass recruitment,resume the primary sorting of the resume (paper and electronic letters), evaluate the candidates through the phone and make preliminary conclusions. Applicants are selected based on the established unified set of criteria.

At the next stages with candidates who have passedprimary assessment and selection, hold group meetings, and then individual interviews. As a result, this process of recruitment is a fairly large-scale project, in which practically all personnel specialists are involved. The decision to hire freelancers is taken in order to release part of their employees and ensure the normal operation of the enterprise in other areas (personnel issues not related to these activities).

The recruiting agency provides a wide range of services: from direct search of candidates to distribution of advertising materials.

Among the important issues that the company's management decides, there are resources (human and financial) to organize the training of newcomers and their adaptation to working conditions.

Mass recruitment: algorithm and methodology

At the first stage, all employees engaged in the search andhiring new employees, make a plan for their actions. Of course, there are no such systems that would suit absolutely all companies, therefore, a simplified version of the algorithm is proposed, which is used to some extent by each recruiter:

  1. Determination of the positions and number of employees to be found.
  2. Indicate clear deadlines when employees should already go to workplaces.
  3. Limitation of the project budget.
  4. Determination of the ideal and real portraits of the candidate.
  5. The indication of the average wage, which is determined after monitoring similar vacancies.
  6. Preparation of formalized criteria that characterize specific types of vacancies.
  7. Conducting an advertising campaign to attract potentially interested candidates.
  8. Conducting primary selection, as well as individual interviews.
  9. Provision of support for staff recently admitted to the state.

In the following paragraphs, the steps that allow for the mass selection of personnel will be described in more detail.

Some aspects of the advertising campaign

For promotional activities to have success, andmoney was not wasted, their organization should be handled by a person who is able to draw up a clear action plan, is familiar with the main communication channels and understands the primary and basic criteria for personnel selection.

application for recruitment

In the beginning, HR specialists definecharacteristics of the target audience, which will be sent to the tools of mass recruitment. Among the most effective ways to influence the audience can be listed:

  • PR-actions with the participation of promoters.
  • Distributing flyers and leaflets.
  • Presentations.
  • Participation in job fairs.
  • Placement of various materials in print and online publications (ads, videos, virus news).

Advertising procedure

Adopted for advertising activities, it should betake into account the company's reputation in the market. In case of insufficient popularity or unsatisfactory reputation, the formation of an existing image may require additional financial injections.

Next, determine when the advertising campaign will begin and how long it will last. This issue is extremely important when it comes to hiring staff without qualifications or organizing seasonal activities.

And, of course, you should not lose sight of thisthe most important stage, such as the definition of requirements for candidates and the drafting of an application. The specific document "Application for the selection of personnel" together with the description of the vacancy contains information not only about the professional, but also about the personal qualities of the person sought.

Working with the flow of applicants

This stage, without exaggeration, can be calledthe most laborious. Depending on how many people and what employees are required to work for the company, specialists who conduct selection of candidates have to study and process from a few dozen to several hundred questionnaires.

At the same time, compliance with timelines and timelinessgive one of the main values. In addition, the quality of the incoming stream requires careful attention. It can be optimized by tuning in only to work with the target audience. Gradually narrowing it and screening out unsuitable candidates, the recruiting specialist achieves an improvement in the average indicators of applicants.


While engaging in informing the audience, care should be taken to evenly distribute the peaks of incoming calls, as well as to provide periodic updates of advertising messages.

General presentations: how and for what they are conducted

Candidates for the replacement of free workers who responded to the widespread advertising information are invited for personal communication. In this case, they are usually combined into small groups.

Strictly speaking, the presentation should be attributed toadvertising campaign, as it is its continuation. Here the employer tells about the company, its history and value system. Also highlights the stated goals and objectives. The most important part of the presentation is a more detailed story of the head of vacancies.

Being present at such an event, the applicant can ask the questions that arise, and the manager has the opportunity to get to know him better.

The stage of the questionnaire

Those candidates who are satisfied with the proposedcompany conditions, move to the next level. In an effort to save time and at the same time get the most reliable results, employers apply a variety of methods:

  • Questioning.
  • Testing.
  • Different types of business games and training.

All these techniques are designed to quickly and efficiently filter the incoming candidate flow. Technicians who cope with this task can be called really effective.

The selection of personnel through the questionnaire is convenient for comparing the key characteristics of candidates, and testing reveals their skills, capabilities and abilities.

 are required to work

Other ways of obtaining information

Holding of business games and trainings is able to givethe maximum amount of information about the applicant. Analyzing these data, an experienced specialist can add up the idea of ​​who the candidate is and how he breathes. Considering the emergency regime in which mass recruiting often takes place, a quick study of the personal and professional qualities of candidates becomes the key to the success of the entire campaign.

When processing the results, specialists apply a gradual assessment, or scoring.

When interviewing, the recruiter is not given a goaldeeply appreciate the personality and professionalism of applicants. Often the duration of the meeting is a quarter of an hour, and this time allows you to complete the collection of data on the candidate, check the documents necessary for employment and clarify clarifying questions.

How to identify potentially unscrupulous employees

Many enterprises are ready to recruitvery young employees, even those who do not have work experience. However, in this case, the employer does not have the opportunity to check the reliability of the candidate. To find out how serious the applicant's intentions are, you can ask a simple question: "Why do you need this job?" The way a person responds, what exactly and how confidently he speaks, characterizes him perfectly.

recruiting process

The problem for managers becomesalcohol abuse among staff. Often this phenomenon is common among unskilled workers (loaders, laborers, builders) or among the lowest levels of personnel.

There are effective and effective methods for detecting this addiction: the Michigan alcohol screening test, Poltavets and Zavyalov's methods.

The final stage

The last in a series of events for a massrecruiting is the training and adaptation of those candidates who have successfully passed previous tests. The selection of applicants is also conducted here, however, its scale is much smaller.

mass recruitment

Candidates are taught to observe theregulations and procedures of the organization, introduce the standards. If necessary, the employer company uses external training centers for better or specialized training of personnel. Some companies, taking care of retaining the recruited staff, apply the escort method: for a short time a newcomer is advised by an experienced worker. Its goal is to maintain confidence in choosing the right company.

It is a common practice to checkcandidates by security personnel and medical examination. An additional interview can also be scheduled with the immediate supervisor.

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