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The work of a bartender is everyone's dream

As they say, the barman is a universal person,because he should not only be able to make drinks, but also be part-time psychologist and vest for tears. The work of a barman in Irkutsk is no different from working as a bartender around the world. The barman should have a good command of the language and be able to talk with customers. After all, except for secular topics, you also need to help pick up a drink, and then qualitatively prepare it.

Features of work as a barman

The profession of "bartender" has deep roots and goneshe is from America. There was a time when the "gold rush" flooded the minds of many people. Then there were special places where a person could buy everything, including drinking. After a while, they began to separate zones for trading and recreation areas, then a separate bar appeared. Including various cocktails and the profession of "bartender". In 1862, the first book appeared about some types of cocktails, it was written by a man who himself stood at the bar for many years.

Barmen can work not only at the bar in restaurants and cafes, they also work in nightclubs, and in various services, there are even institutions that consist of one bar.

Knowledge and skills that must be present at the bartender

First of all, the barman should be healthy,because in institutions where there is a large crowd of people and where an open bar, the barman will be constantly on his feet. There may also be different situations, not necessarily a person should be satisfied with the work of the barman, so this profession assumes that the person was not conflicting and could solve any problem quickly and without shouting. It will be wonderful if the bartender is also an interesting and artistic person who has the ability to interest a person and play a role before him.

In addition, the main task of the bartender is histhe ability to perform any drink well, then he must know and all the main components of popular cocktails and drinks, as well as a separate bowl that serves a particular drink. When a bartender performs cocktails, he should be able to talk in parallel with customers. Many people are attracted when the bartender beautifully and artistically bottles cocktails or alcohol, can turn bottles. To do this, you need to study for a long time, it is better to go to barmen courses for a start, because every movement should be brought to automaticity.

Work begins without a special education,because in some institutions they take a person for an internship or, for starters, they define him as a barman's assistant. But if you are striving to get a good decent place in an institution, then without special education you can not do.

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