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Create resume in Sales manager

Many people believe that the work of a sales specialist and a normal salesman is no different. But this opinion is erroneous.

resume sales manager samples

Resume sales manager, the samples of which you can find in this article, will give you an opportunity to understand how to correctly draw up the appropriate document for yourself.

We spread the myth

The fact is that these two concepts are reallyare similar. The person who directly sells the goods and the sales specialist have common indicators of the results of work, contact with customers, etc. But the candidate for the position of a sales manager must have a much more extensive list of professional and personal qualities for the full implementation of the tasks assigned.

Sample CV Sales Manager will helpmake up a competent resume, which one step closer to the work of your dreams. For the modern approach to sales has changed a lot, so the profession of a sales specialist, so marvelous at first glance, remains quite relevant and in demand in all sectors of the economy.

Briefly about the sample of the resume of the sales manager

From what to begin and what to pay attention to?

Starting point - writing a resume manager forsales. The samples of the drawing up of such a document are rather multifaceted, but they will not cause difficulties for you. Text, table, lists - choose the option that suits you.

Write information about yourself without a structure and competent submission - the wrong decision. You first of all should interest the future employer.

resume search Sales manager sample resume

All your special characteristics shouldfit on 1-2 pages. The resume of the sales manager (the sample is presented below) should contain the most important information, everything else you can tell about yourself at the interview.

How to determine the direction?

It is the focus of your resume willThe recruiter is able to understand that you are a worthy specialist, have excellent education and exceptional professional skills. All these data should be available concisely, paying attention to specific facts that will show you the best.

If you do not have any work experience, pay attention to the resume of the sales manager, the samples of which are presented below. Sample No. 2 will help to write a summary of the prospective specialist.

Thus, you should determine your strengths and pay maximum attention to them.

Sales Manager Resume: Samples

Sample No. 1: resume for "sales manager" (with experience)

FULL NAME: Pastushkov Vasily Ibragimovich

Date of Birth: 09/09/1990

Location: Moscow, st. Friday, 7, apt. 6th

Phone: +79000000000

Education: 2007-2012, Moscow State University, specialist (red diploma), faculty "Commercial Management".

sample cv Sales manager


1. 2012-2013 - Assistant Sales Manager at LLC Kirim.

Main responsibilities:

  • assistance to the sales manager;
  • development of customer base;
  • work with regular customers of the firm;
  • advising clients on technical issues;
  • Negotiating with contractors and signing contracts;
  • search and analysis of related information;
  • filling out reporting forms and analyzing the work of the sales department.

2. 2013-2015 - Sales Manager at LLC Xenon.

Main responsibilities:

  • management of key clients of the firm;
  • the expansion of the customer base;
  • monitoring compliance with contractual obligations;
  • conducting negotiations with counterparties.

Languages: Russian (native), Ukrainian (fluently), English (with dictionary).

Computer Skills: experienced PC user, MS Word, MS Office, 1C: Enterprise 8.2.

Personal characteristics: initiative, non-conflict, ability to work in stressful situations, focus on results and teamwork, analytical mindset, sociability.

resume sales manager samples

Sample No. 2: resume for "assistant manager" (no work experience)

FULL NAME: Kazantseva Anna Georgievna

Date of Birth: 09/04/1993

Location: Moscow, st. Lenina, 4, Apt. 16

Phone: +79000000000

Education: 2010-2015, Moscow State University, Master's degree in the specialty "Organization Management".


1. 2015 - production practice in LLC "Optimus", assistant manager.

Main duties: assistance to the manager, work with primary documents, preparation of reports and analysis of the performance of the company.

There is a recommendation from the place of practice.

Languages: Russian (native), English (in perfection), German (with dictionary).

Computer Skills: Advanced PC user, MS Office programs, Parus, 1C: Enterprise.

Personal characteristics: initiative, fast learner, work for results, non-conflict, ability to work in stressful situations, ability to quickly process a large amount of information, analytical mindset.

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