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A sales representative is who? Work as a sales representative: pros and cons

Trade began to occupy from ancient times and willcontinue for a very long time. Sales, purchases will always exist, regardless of the well-being of people. And those who in time and competently enter this wave, will be able to make good money and even successfully move forward.

A bit of history

The first trade agents can be considered Russianmerchants. They were the very first entrepreneurs who made sales transactions on their own behalf. Merchants traveled the world and bought goods from those who produced them, and then brought to the places where the goods were needed.

A modern sales representative is hiskind merchant, offering goods to those who need it. As in ancient times, such people are very much in demand. After all, the owner of the goods does not need to look for a buyer, and the buyer does not need to go for "far away lands". The merchant was a kind of intermediary. Now the role is played by a sales agent.

sales representative is
It is clear that with the services of intermediaries, the goods come outexpensive. But people always eagerly awaited the merchants, after all, it was not possible for everyone to go for the goods themselves. Yes, and brought things sometimes were very rare or necessary.

Modern merchant

So, if in ancient times the role of an intermediary between the buyer and the seller was performed by the merchant, now this is being done by specially trained people.

A sales representative is a person who offers and represents a certain product. His duties include offering goods, monitoring sales and reporting.

work as sales representative
This post has a lot of names. In newspapers, you can find ads about a set of sales representatives, agents or sales managers. But the name of the essence does not change, their duties are the same.

Duties of the sales agent

Given that the sales representative isthe person who represents the goods, and the corresponding duties. But do not think that he is behind the counter and, like a salesman, he sells. Here everything is more and more multifaceted.

The work of a sales representative impliespromotion of the goods, which is in its charge. Typically, the firm that employs an employee has in its arsenal several suppliers whose products should be offered.

Therefore, the main thing, working in this area:

  • Be able to build business relationships with suppliers and potential buyers.
  • Know about the proposed product all the detailed information and be able to properly advertise it.
  • To work out the constant clients and to be able to keep them. At the same time, look for new buyers.
  • Making presentations about the offered goods and services.
  • Work with documents, preparation of reports, conclusion of contracts.
  • If the product is specific, training sellers for the nuances of selling.
  • For successful work, the sales representative should also be constantly aware of price fluctuations in the market for a similar product, and study the offers of other firms.

steps of sales representative
As can be seen from the duties, the sales representative- this is an employee who sits very little in the office, but constantly traveling and searching for profitable customers and deals. Even if the client base has already been developed, it is necessary to monitor the market constantly and not to miss its customers.

Requirements for the applicant

  • The modern market makes manyrequirements for any profession. A sales representative of a company is a person who makes a profit, so many employers require a higher education applicant.
  • Required are personal qualities, such as communicability and grasp of new information literally on the fly.
  • Often you need a car. But if the company is large, then only a driver's license is required, and the car will be provided with a service car. In addition, you will be provided with corporate mobile communication.
  • Knowledge of the maintenance of primary documentation, preparation of reports and contracts is required. Therefore, education is necessary economically or juridically.
  • Of course, it is necessary to understand the PC perfectly.
  • Often among the requirements indicate the presence of a client base. But if the organization is large, the base is already worked out and the competitor needs only the sales experience.

Education is not important

But even if you have a red diploma and a lot of knowledge aboutrules of sale and psychological characteristics of people, communication skills are indispensable. Therefore, if you are naturally quiet and shy, you should find another job.

After all, the work of a sales representative impliesconstant communication, and most importantly - the ability to persuade. One can give a simple example, after thinking over which, it is not difficult to understand whether you can work as a sales agent.

Here you come to an unfamiliar supermarket and youIt is necessary to assess the situation for a short period of time, to understand what goods are in excess, what are not enough, and which, maybe, in general there is. And then get acquainted with the responsible for the procurement and convince him of the need to cooperate with you.

sales representative without experience
Can you do it? If you think that this is an easy task and the language is suspended, then, perhaps, you will make a career in this field. But if everything is frightening and convincing you is not your horse, then you should not try to take on the work of the sales manager.

Pros of the sales representative

  1. Of course, those who do not want to sit in the office all day and want freedom in their actions and ways of working will like the post.
  2. Only on the abilities and perseverance of a persondepends on his earnings. If someone is sitting on a bare salary, the sales representative can add substantially to his salary. After all, the basic earnings depend on sales. How many sold, signed contracts, so much and received interest remuneration.
  3. For fans of communication and networking workmore than suitable. You will constantly improve in communication skills, acquire a bunch of useful acquaintances, learn to understand any person from a half-word and you can convince anyone of anything.

company sales representative

Disadvantages of work

But, no matter how bright the prospect is, there are still disadvantages to this profession.

  1. One of the main drawbacks comes from dignity. After all, the manager receives a premium, based on the number of sales and contracts. I sold a lot - I received a lot. But it can also happen that customers will leave for another agent, it will not be possible to establish new relations for a long time and the salary will be practically at zero.
  2. It is necessary to have greater concentration and to bealways in moving. The sales manager combines many professions at once. He and the driver, and a psychologist, and an accountant. And still need to constantly come up with presentations and attend the necessary training courses.
  3. The sales representative should be verystress-resistant. After all, the work of the agent can be prevented by nature itself in the form of blizzards and drifts on the roads. In addition, potential customers may also have a bad mood at the time of your visit, which they will tear at you.
  4. The sales representative has an irregular working day. And nobody will pay extra for processing. Money only for the result. And how many times it is spent - nobody cares.

And what about newbies

Wanting to get a position as a "sales representative" without work experience, you must, of course, have an education, but the main thing is to convince the employer of your abilities.

The main thing in this work is to be able to communicate andurge. Therefore, many organizations do not require experience, but look at the availability of appropriate personal qualities. As they say, if you can convince the employer to take you to work, you can also sell the goods. After all, the main thing - what you did, managed to properly present themselves.

Interviewing a sales representative and an employer can be stressful. This is how the resistance to conflicts is tested and the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation is revealed.

sales representative reviews
But regardless of the experience for the position of a commercialrepresentative will not take without a driver's license. After all, the main job will be traveling and traveling. Small companies also require the presence of their own car, on which you will work. Of course, all expenses for fuel and cellular communications should be paid by the organization.

And still, if you are ready sometimes even late at night to be in touch and quickly set off, then you will be recruited.

Work algorithm

In any work there is a certain orderactions. If this is maintained, then it will be easier to work. Professional trade agents call their established order of work "the steps of the sales representative."

Starting to do sales, you should learn from the more experienced, how to do all the work in the shortest possible time, and most importantly - to fulfill the plan.

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If a person settles in a small company,then the algorithm of action will have to learn independently. In larger ones, a whole system is developed, which is necessarily taught to all newcomers. All the sales representatives of the company are required to execute the embedded algorithm.

What kind of steps are these

What are the main steps of the sales representative and what should be adhered to regardless of the size of the company?

The essence is the same everywhere. Differences can be in the number of steps.

  1. Preparation. This step includes a presentable appearance and the presence of all necessary things and documents. You also need to know the plan for the current day.
  2. Greeting. It is clear that the threshold should not go directly to sales. It is necessary to know the responsible for procurement on behalf of the patronymic and greet the staff.
  3. Inspection. Look around and understand which promotional materials are already present at the outlet and where you can hang up the ones you need. If your products should be stored in the refrigerator, then look for a place for it. Evaluate the products of competitors and prices.
  4. The steps of the sales representative's visit involve identifying the remains of the commodity items and drawing up a plan for the next delivery.
  5. The presentation is the next step. With the help of correctly posed questions, the needs are clarified, and only then is their product and terms offered. In this case, the rule of three is used: the property of the product - the advantage - the benefit of the customer.
  6. Merchandising. In accordance with standards, exhibits its goods. If necessary, corrects the wrong position.
  7. Work with the documentation, drawing up reports and drawing up plans and goals for the given trade object.

Visits of the sales representative to the outlet should be regular and effective. One time is spent on one object.

What they say experienced

Not every sales representative reviews their work leaves pleasant. There are people who complain about small incomes, someone is not happy with the schedule of work.

But still, if sales and persuasion are your hobby,you have a stable client base and are constantly improving, then you can make a very decent earning. At the same time, you have freedom in your actions and do not have to be at the office all the time.

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