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Specialist in customs clearance

Western countries for more than a century are familiar with the conceptcustoms broker. At us about such sphere of services have started talking only after disorder of the Union. Specialist in customs clearance - today a fairly popular and highly paid profession in the world.

specialist in customs clearance
Companies operating on foreign economicmarket, it is required to deliver the goods to the designated point at a certain time and in complete safety. At the same time, the cargo must go with accompanying documentation and without various penalties. But not every company can boast of employees of this level. Therefore, in such cases, the customs clearance specialist will be very helpful.

His sphere of activity includes:

- representation of the client's interests at the customs office, execution of customs operations on his behalf;

- declaration of goods;

customs broker is
- provision of the necessary documents and information about the cargo to special authorities;

- payment of customs duties, VAT, excise duties;

- Sometimes the work at customs requires the personal presence of the broker during the inspection of the goods, which makes it possible to conduct this process much faster;

- Carrying out of legal consultation, during which the peculiarities of the legislative base are explained to the client.

No matter what happensthe movement of cargo - by sea, land or air, a specialist in customs clearance must correctly represent the system of transportation of goods in transit. Since sometimes imported goods can grow very much in price due to payment of taxes, customs duties, necessary permits. And this transaction for a businessman will not make sense. The customs broker should provide for this and warn the client.

work at customs
What will be required to provide this type of service? It is necessary to apply for a customs form in the register of customs brokers and a license for this type of activity. And:

1. The presence in the state of at least two people who have a certificate of specialists of the appropriate profile. At the same time, you need to be a citizen of Russia, have a higher education and confirm your knowledge with a qualification exam.

2. Insurance policy of its liability in case of damage to the property of the client or violation of the contract with him. The insurance policy should clearly stipulate a guarantee for damages in each case.

3. Provision of security for payment of various taxes and customs duties in an amount equal to not less than one million euros at the rate of the National Bank. As an option, a bank guarantee is allowed, a transfer of the amount of money in the required amount to the account of the FCS, a suretyship agreement.

4. The organization should not have the status of a state institution.

5. Absence during a year of facts of bringing an offense to administrative responsibility in this field of activity.

6. There should be no debts for customs payments worth more than 500 000 rubles.

The customs clearance specialist operates within the framework of the Customs Code in the Customs Union and the Federal Law "On Customs Regulation in the Russian Federation," which complements the TC.

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