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Likbez: what to write in the CV about yourself?

What to write in a CV about myself
What should I write about my CV? This question is asked by any person, puzzled by the search for work. After all, the potential employer evaluates the candidate on the summary, and it is important that it be worthy and attractive. In this article, we will tell you about what you need to write in your resume, and how to properly compile it.

Filling out a questionnaire

You can write a resume yourself usinggraphics editor and built-in templates, and you can take ready-made forms (often they can be found on the sites that deal with the placement of vacancies). Strict requirements for registration is not required. But the content of the resume is what most recruiters pay attention to.

What should I write about my CV?

  1. In the very cap of the questionnaire you need to indicate the name of the vacancy you are interested in. If you send a resume that was earlier, then do not be lazy to go and fix the title of the post on the current.
  2. Next, specify the name, first name, patronymic.
  3. Contact details. Specify only the mobile phone number in our time is not entirely correct. After all, there are several other types of communication that you are surely using. For example, e-mail, "Skype".
    what you need to write in your resume
    Perhaps, the recruiting manager will be more convenient to communicate with you by mail.
  4. Desired salary. Specify the real figures, and if you do not want to limit yourself and put the employer in the frame, you can specify "by agreement". Then you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail at a personal meeting.
  5. Education. At this point you need to indicate all the institutions in which you studied after completing secondary education (that is, after finishing nine or eleven classes). It can be colleges, institutes, universities, academies.
  6. Experience. If you have one. To specify it makes sense in chronological order, that is, the last place of work should be at the very top. Write the name of the organization in which you worked earlier (if you do not want to disclose such information, then you can specify in general words, for example, a communication salon or real estate agency, etc.), the period of work and list your main responsibilities. What do they usually write on the resume? Example: "Jewelry salon" Golden Eagle. "The cashier, from 08.2010 to 10.2013. Work on the cash desk, customer service, participation in the daily inventory."
    What do they usually write on the resume?
  7. Skills. It's about professional abilities and skills. In this section you can indicate everything you know how to do about the specifics in which you are looking for work. For example: "I know how to make calculations, interact with computer equipment, I know all forms and rules of registration of cash documents."
  8. Additional information. All information about the additional courses passed and the availability of certificates can be specified here.
  9. What should I write about my CV? In the paragraph "About yourself" you can indicate the personal qualities that, in your opinion, characterize you on the good side. For example: "Exercise, sociability, stress-resistance".

Now you know what to write in the resume about yourself, and can compose a competent questionnaire that will interest the employer.

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