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We will make a dream come true: how to become an actress

The question of how to become an actress, until recentlynever bothered me. Being an adult and an accomplished person who was lucky to first choose a profession to taste, and then find a decent job, I could not think that one day I will have to search in cyberspace for information of such a plan.

Well, I'll start everything in order. My niece, a student of the eleventh grade of high school, very soon will have to decide what she wants to do in the future. Undoubtedly, this is quite complex and, probably, one of the most important elections in life.

When she told me that she was very interested inan unusual profession, an actress, I was, to put it mildly, surprised, and then I thought. If she shared her plans with me, apparently, she counts on support and participation.

Well ... I'll try to figure it out.

Section 1. How to become an actress. Where does this solution come from?

Probably, any woman will agree with me,that in childhood we all wanted to be like the favorite star of the screen. We copied her gait, look, makeup and style of clothes. From newspapers articles and photos were cut, which were then carefully stored in our boxes or diaries. Dreamed that one day there will come a day when we will also shine on stage, feel the enthusiastic views of fans, take flowers, gifts and just thanks. And of course, in our dreams we were not limited to the theatrical stage, we wanted to play at least episodic roles on TV series or, if we were lucky, in serious films.

Today it is quite simple to implement all this. It is enough to just want and make an effort to achieve your goal.

Section 2. How to become an actress. And can I?

This is really a difficult question. It is his most often and ask themselves representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

1. Appearance. It is believed that for this you need to have an extraordinary appearance, and, of course, bright and noticeable. Probably, personally, I would not agree with such a statement. Think about modern actresses, are they all - written beauties? Well, of course not. Very many of them have irregular facial features, far from being an ideal figure and not a model growth at all. True? So, that's not the point.

2. Complexes. But this is closer. For some reason I am sure that students and graduates of theater universities once learned to accept themselves as they are, with all the advantages and, consequently, shortcomings. And it is correct, because the attempt to discover in oneself minuses is equivalent to placing in certain conventions and frames. But this is already unacceptable for the masters of the scene.

Section 3. How to become an actress and where to go to study.

I would say that there are several ways.

1. Classes in the theater studio. If you firmly decided that at the end of the school you will become an actress of the theatrical faculty, you should start preparing well in advance. Find out which theatrical studios are available in your city, make inquiries and listen to reviews of teachers working there.

2. Private lessons. Of course, classes on an individual basis will cost you more, but the opening prospects will be much broader. Why? You will be able to deal with several specialists at once, attend trainings, master classes and seminars.

3. Visiting castings. The more such events you visit, the more likely to be noticed by famous directors. This method is very suitable for those who have a question about how to become an actor of a movie or a scene, appeared years ago in 12-14, when there can be no question of entering the university.

4. Create a portfolio. Most likely, at the very beginning you will have to work in one of the local theaters on a voluntary basis. Do you think they will not take it? Do not hesitate! Very often it happens that in some productions, especially children's scenes have to be played by adults, and this, you will agree, looks comical. Talk to the chief director, tell us about your goals in life and do not forget to mention that you already have basic knowledge of acting skills. Working in this way, you will get accustomed to the scene, get an invaluable experience.

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