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Resume driver - the first step in finding a good job

What is the importance of such a document as a summarydriver? The answer to this question is not known to everyone. More and more domestic companies adopt the experience of foreign companies in the search for new employees. Therefore, if earlier the writing of the resume was mainly done by office workers, now this document is necessary for all applicants without exception.

resume driver
Including technical positions. Therefore, the resume of the forwarder's driver is not a tribute to fashion, but an urgent necessity.

It should also be remembered that many large companies operating in the market of cargo transportation, including at the international level, have origins from Western Europe.

Driver Resume Features

The main goal, which takes time to write a resume, is simple - to get an opportunity to personally talk with the HR manager at an interview.

Learn, get acquainted with him for two or threeminutes, so professional skills and abilities should immediately "catch your eye." By the way, it is desirable to prepare a similar document in English for a personnel officer from a foreign company. Such a move will immediately attract attention.

resume for driver
The basic rules that it is desirable to observe during work on a resume for a driver are:

- the volume of the document should not exceed one page;

- it should be necessarily printed on the computer, you do not need to write it by hand. The kegle must be at least 11th;

- you need to specify as much contact information as possible so that the employer can communicate through different channels;

- the dates are placed on the left, and the text on the right;

- no negative information should not be;

- you need to specify only the information that will help the employer understand, push him to the idea that exactly this person needs him;

- the most detailed (since the most important) partThe resume of the driver should be information about the work activity. It is necessary to give her maximum space, be sure to indicate everything in chronological order, starting with the last place of work. It is necessary to write briefly what the company was doing, and to specify in more detail the main responsibilities;

- proofreading. Let a friend read the resume, evaluate it. At the same time, you can search for errors in the text;

- if there have been major interruptions in work activities, you need to specify the reasons;

- you need to try not to write banal, bored phrases;

- do not specify your hobbies and hobbies;

- it is important to specify the date when the resume was written.

The main sections from which the driver summary should consist

resume freight forwarder

When preparing a document, you can use the following scheme:

  1. In the "header" indicate the name of the document, a little lower write your personal data and contacts.
  2. It is necessary to indicate in which area the applicant is very well oriented, describe his specialization.
  3. At this point you need to write about your education, advanced training courses.
  4. Experience.
  5. Additional Information. It is justified to write about knowledge of languages, computer skills.
  6. Information that can be additionally useful to the employer (at the choice of the applicant).

To be faithful, you can order to write a good resume from a specialist. You can, for example, contact one of the content exchanges located on the Internet.

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