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Service characteristic: what is important to remember

Sooner or later, each of us hasreceive or write to someone a characteristic. This is quite a complicated matter, especially when you consider that the requirements for this document are considerable, and there are no regulatory requirements for it.

Nevertheless, there is a certain standard that helps to more accurately and correctly reveal the employee's business qualities. Here's how to do it.

service characteristic

Service characterization is issued by the immediate supervisor. His resume or signature on it can put on it a superior leader, that is, one whose signature can be stamped.

At the very beginning of the document (information block)the passport data, biographical information, education, position of the employee, time of his stay in this position are indicated. If this is an official description of a serviceman, then, besides the post, the rank is necessarily indicated. In the presence of several entities, priority is first given for this area of ​​work. The military lists the places of service, stay in the "hot" points and participate in hostilities.

The second block, which must contain the service characteristic, is a description

service characterization of a serviceman
labor activity. It is important to highlight the professional qualities of the employee. For example, for creative workers it is recommended to emphasize their individuality, for servicemen - diligence and reasonable initiative, for journalists - creativity, etc. Well, if it is noted (especially if the service characterization of an officer or middle manager is written), the ability to listen to the opinion of subordinates, clearly follow the instructions of superiors, as well as professional and personal qualities.

Further, the service characterization should informwith the attitude of the employee or serviceman to public activities: participation in non-core ("after-hours") activities of the organization, scientific, public, volunteer or other projects. You can note the nature of the relationship with colleagues, supervisors and subordinates.

service characterization of an officer

Finally, the final part lists all the information that is important for the person to whom the service description is written. Information about rewards, incentives, etc. is recorded here.

It is important to note that, on the one hand,the characteristic should be reliable, but on the other - should not be sharply negative. If an employee or military man does not differ in special gifts and zeal, if he did not violate the law, it is better to counterbalance the negative information with a positive one. For example: in communication impulsive, but always restrains one's own emotions.

For officers, it is important to emphasize the moral stamina, the ability to store military secrets, as well as excellent physical training.

At the end of the specification, indicate for whom it is intended.

It is important to remember that the preparation of such a documentimplies working with the personal data of the employee, so his training should not violate the norms described in Article 14 of the Labor Code. In particular, the characteristics should be provided on a written request and be sure to be signed. The exception may be cases related to legal proceedings or violations of the rule of law.

You can list the information in each block in the narrative order or using the list.

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