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American detective series "Bones": a description of the series, reviews, actors and roles

Detective stories today use a hugepopularity among fans of foreign TV series. In the role of protagonists, usually act as FBI agents or talented police, but there are exceptions. If you are looking for an original story, then pay attention to the series "Bones." Description of the series of the first season is of genuine interest, and it is almost impossible to stop.


This detective TV series is devoted to the disclosurecrimes. The idea is far from new, but the creator Hart Hanson still managed to add a twist. The main heroes of his creation are the anthropologists from the Jefferson Institute who are actively cooperating with the Bureau of Investigations. They get the most hopeless at first glance things - when the human body remains only rotten remains. Actors of the series "Bones" during the filming learned by heart all the complex laboratory terms and research.

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At the head of the team of anthropologists - charmingDr. Temperance Brennan. During complex investigations, she faces not only "ancient" crimes. Corruption has not ignored American justice.

Based on novels

The basis for the television series was a cycle of detectivenovels written by Kathy Ricks. Charming blonde herself is a forensic anthropologist and scientist, so the image of the main character for a long time did not have to come up.

The first book about Dr. Brennan, for which RieksShe received the award of Arthur Ellis, she wrote in 1997. To date, from the pen of Cathy came 13 novels. Her works are incredibly successful and translated into 30 languages.

The series "Bones" (season 1) viewers saw inSeptember 2005. Ten years later the fans met the eleventh season, which once again confirms the popularity of the series. By the way, Kathy Reix acted as his producer.

Dr. Brennan

The role of anthropologist Temperance Brennan went toEmily Deschanel. An outstanding scientist and very attractive woman - the main character seems to be impeccable in all respects. Make it closer to the audience and a little down from earth to the creators of the series decided with the help of problems in their personal lives.

Find a suitable partner Brennan does notjust. However, under the guise of a charming know-it all the same, a fragile and vulnerable woman disappears. From season to season, fans of the series are waiting for a romance between Temperance and her FBI partner Sili Butom.

erik millegán

Star family

The series "Bones", 2 season which started inAugust 2006, brought the actress Emily Deschanel another portion of fame. The 29-year-old Emily had already starred in such famous films as "Cold Mountain", "Spiderman 2", "Alamo" and "Boogeyman".

Today it seems that Emily could not chooseanother profession, however, like her sister. Their mother Mary Joe Deschanel is an actress, and her father Caleb Deschanel is a famous cameraman, nominee for the Oscar.

Both Caleb's daughters and Mary Joe chose the world of cinema for themselves. It is worth noting that Emily and Zoe are incredibly talented and successful.

To the character of Dr. Brennan performed by EmilyDeschanel many viewers are used not immediately. Lack of empathy and emotion at first prevents us from understanding the nature of the heroine, but the efforts of the actress and scriptwriters Temperance opens in front of the viewer. With each season it becomes more sensual, dreamy and gentle - you will agree, not every detective TV series can show such an ambiguous character.

A loyal partner

Dr. Brennan and Sili Booth are more than partners. Their relationship from the outset is the occasion for gossip, but the more interesting the series "Bones." 1 season clearly demonstrates to the audience what a gap lies between the main characters. Agent Booth is the exact opposite of Temperance.

Sili hates science, but likes to joke - it'she invents Brennan's nickname Bone. Sociability, sensitivity and lack of indifference - Sili Booth is always ready to help. The audience was looking forward to the love story of the partners, because they would have become an ideal couple.

micaela konlin

In the middle of the fifth season, Booth opens hisfeelings of the main heroine, but gets rejected. Writers prepared a lot of tests for this pair, after all the series "Bones" is not so simple. 6 season made fans nervous. We will not tell all the details of the love line, but until the happy end, Booth and Brennan will have to go through a lot.

Angel in the past

The real success of David Borianaz is the project"Buffy the vampire slayer." The role of the mystical Angel (the vampire, who returned the soul) became the basis of his acting career. Ratings of the series allowed to remove the spin-off "Angel", where the character of David became central.

Before participating in the "Bones" project, Borianaz starred in the horror film "Valentine's Day", the television movie "Love by the occasion" and voiced one of the characters in the game Kingdom Hearts.

Together with Emily Deschanel, David joined the team of executive producers from the third season.

Best friend

Dr. Brennan does not have the simplestcharacter, so her colleagues do not exactly envy. Despite some coldness and a peculiar relationship with people, Temperance has a girlfriend - Angela Montenegro (Mikaela Conlin). The holder of a bachelor's degree in computer technology and fine arts deals with judicial reconstruction of persons.

Angela is the exact opposite of Dr. Temperance. She often gets acquainted with men, likes to go on dates and is not afraid to start a serious relationship.

The series "Bones" (season 2) shows the audiencea real wave of feelings, which overwhelmed Dr. Montenegro and her colleague Jack Hodgins. These are romantic meetings, flirting at work and endless parting and reunion.

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Mikaela Conlin

Unusual appearance of Mikaela Conlin is a meritChinese mother Denise Conlin and father Irish Frena Colin. Creativity manifested itself in a girl in high school in South Wyethall, where she often played in performances.

After graduation, Conlin decided to leavea small town and entered the Faculty of Science and Arts at New York University. The beginning actress worked in the theater "Atlantic Company". In search of roles Mikaela Conlin moved to Los Angeles and almost immediately got a role in the TV series "Medics". In 2004 she starred in the multi-part film The D. A., but she was brought to the real glory by the series "Bones".

emily dechanel

Description of the series of the third season opens beforeviewers of another Angela Montenegro. It turns out that a brilliant expert on the reconstruction of persons once married in a state of intoxication and completely does not remember the name of her lawful spouse. Film critics note that Conlin brilliantly coped with the role of a loving beauty. In 2008, Michaela was awarded the Asian Excellence Award as the best television actress.

Zack Eddie

Actors of the series "Bones" showed the audience a lotlife situations. Each community has a weak personality, and at the Jefferson Institute it's Dr. Zack Eddy (Eric Millegan). At first the young man was an intern Temperance Brennan, and after defending his doctoral thesis became a full member of the "anthropological" team.

Zak is an incredibly gifted youth withphotographic memory, the IQ of which exceeds the mark of 163. Eddie completely lacks the skills to communicate with people, and there can be no talk about relationships with girls. The young scientist desperately needs a guide who could help him settle in the society. However, colleagues just joke about him.

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Unfortunately, Dr. Eddy falls under the influenceThe cannibal is a murderer and becomes his accomplice and disciple. The career of Zak Eddie ends after the establishment of insanity and placement in a psychiatric hospital.

Eric Milllegan was approved for the role of giftedyoung men almost immediately. Prior to the appearance in the series "Bones" the actor starred in the episodes "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", "Central Street, 100" and "Die your enthusiasm."

The first seasons

For ten years, fans have been waiting with joyseries "Bones." Description of the series of all seasons will take a very long time, because over each episode worked a talented team. For this reason, we briefly talk about the most vivid events in the life of your favorite heroes, without touching on the details of the investigations, which are saturated with the series "Bones."

1st season (2005-2006). The viewer meets Dr. Brennan, her partner Sili Butom, as well as a team of anthropologists. We learn a little about each of them: habits, events from the past and hobbies. Some characters begin to have feelings for each other.

2 nd season (2006-2007). Temperance does not meet with Agent Sullivan, Booth's colleague for a short time. Hodgins and Angela begin to show interest to each other, and in the seventh series they go on the most romantic in the world meeting. Jack suggests formalizing the relationship, but first gets rejected. Then Angela changes her decision, but on the way of the lovers again tests.

The third season (2007-2008). This season becomes final for Dr. Zak Eddie, who is being treated in a psychiatric hospital. In the Christmas episode, the long-awaited kiss of Temperance and Booth takes place. At the end of the second season it turned out that Angela Montenegro had been married for a long time, but she did not remember the details of the ceremony and her husband's name. Together with Jack Hodgins, they are trying to find her husband to arrange a divorce.

The fourth season (2008-2009). Angela is completely confused in her feelings, which causes distrust from Hodgins. Scientists again part to the end of the season to please the audience with their reunion. We learn that Booth has worked for the past 12 years in the FBI. In the penultimate series, he has a brain tumor, but the operation is successful.

Golden mean

5-th season (2009-2010). Sealy Booth confesses to Dr. Brennan in love, but she is not ready for this development. Angela and Hodgins broke up again, and the girl is connected with the intern Wandel. The new pair disintegrates rather quickly, and Montenegro and the former lover are in prison because of minor violations. They again confess their love for each other, and the judge holds a marriage ceremony. Fans, meanwhile, continue to rely on the Brennan-Booth couple and are eagerly awaiting the Bones series.

Season 6 (2010-2011). After an awkward situation, Temperance left for excavation, and - Sili in Afghanistan for training soldiers. At the beginning of the season, the partners returned to the Jefferson Institute and again began to investigate. Dr. Brennan realizes his mistake, but Booth has already found consolation in the arms of another woman. The new novel of the FBI agent turned out to be short-lived, and the "goddess" of anthropology again has a chance. In the last series of partners spend the night together, and Dr. Brennan reports on his pregnancy. In the pair Hodgins - Montenegro, too, the idyll - in the episode 6x23 they have a son.

series of dice 6 season

7, 8, 9 and 10 seasons (2011-2015)

Season 7 (2011-2012). Booth and Brennan are preparing to replenish the family and are looking for the perfect house. Temperance is trying to get used to the role of the mother. Baby Christina appears in unusual conditions, and as a midwife, she appears. Young parents have to combine work and household duties.

The 8th season (2012-2013). The long-time enemy Brennan - Christopher Pellant - forges the evidence, and the doctors are accused of murder. The main character is forced to flee with her daughter, and the Jeffersonian team tries to prove her innocence. Temperance is justified and is going to marry Booth, but Pellant interferes again.

The 9th season (2013-2014). The long-awaited wedding and honeymoon, annual certification and promotion on the career ladder - Bout's life is finally getting better. Because of political intrigues and provocations, Sealy is being fired from the Bureau.

The 10th season (2014-2015). Booth is in prison, but Dr. Brennan is fighting for his wife. With the help of blackmail prosecutor Sealy again at large.

In October 2015, the screens after the break again released the series "Bones", a description of the series which (the previous) you now know.

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