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Franz Kafka, "The Process." Theme, idea and summary of the work

The amazing German-speaking writer is Franz Kafka. "Process" is a book that has become quite popular and attracted a huge number of readers.

The history of writing the "Process"

Kafka's novel "The Process" was written in 1915,but it is worth noting that the light saw only after 10 years, when the author was no longer alive. Before his death, Kafka asked the writer Mark Brod to burn the novel, but the executor did not listen to Franz. He collected the disparate chapters of the "Process" and published the novel exactly in the form in which the reader now loves it, knows and remembers.

An unusual and deeply thinking writer was exactly Franz Kafka. The "process" was remembered by everyone who has ever read this work.

Franz Kafka was a modernist writer, but the "Process" was ahead of his time, as the novel is considered one of the best examples of postmodern absurdism.

Unusual plot of the "Process"

Kafka's novel "The Process" is quite the sameunusual and fantastic. We can safely say that there is simply no analogue to this novel. The work contains a deep meaning, although at first glance the story seems incomprehensible to the reader.

A writer who differs in writing styleworks from others, is Franz Kafka. "Process" is this confirmation. This work causes the reader a huge amount of emotions and emotions for the protagonist.

A work that made a name for its authorfor the culture of the postmodern world theater, as well as for the cinema, the "Process". Readers appreciate and love the creativity of the author, because the novel really gives an opportunity to think about things that never bothered before. This work will not leave indifferent any person who gets acquainted with his plot.

For more than one century, on the lips of fantasy lovers, it has been: "Franz Kafka. "Process". A fantastic novel. A writer that readers will never forget. "

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Kafka, The Process. Summary. The arrest and preliminary investigation of Josef

Waking up on his thirtieth birthday, Josef K. discovered that he was arrested.

Instead of a maid with breakfast in Mr K.'s room. a stranger in black dress entered him and announced the arrest of Josef. The man is sure that this is just a joke and an evil joke. He is sure that he did not commit anything illegal, and is very surprised that the rule of law allows for an incomprehensible arbitrariness for him, as well as unreasonable actions of people in black against him.

Josef found that among the men who detained himthere are his colleagues. Soon they informed Mr. K. that he could go to work and live in the usual rhythm of life, since only a preliminary investigation is being conducted.

Mr. K. continues to live peacefully and is struggling to forget that ridiculous case, but by phone he was informed that on Sunday a preliminary investigation into his case was scheduled. It is worth noting that Josef was not given any appointed time or place. By phone they indicated only the address of the outskirts of the city.

On Sunday, Mr. K. went in search of the appointed place and, surprisingly to himself, knocking on a house that happened to be accidentally got hit exactly at the address.

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The judge informed Joseph that he was late for the wholehour and five minutes, to which K. answered him: "But still came." After that, Mr. K. began to appear before the court. His words were full of logic, as well as persuasiveness. The crowd clearly liked the performance of Josef. After the monologue, the man took his hat and retired.

Over time, Josef begins to notice that everythingaround him is not the same as before. Mr. K. does not understand why all the people around him know about the "process". Even those with whom he is not familiar, heard about the case of Josef.

K. completely lost his peace. He became distracted, inattentive and gloomy. Josef constantly feels tired, and soon he is overcome by a cold. It seems to the man that by all his actions he gives cause for discontent, because of what he himself is dissatisfied with everything that he does.

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Thirty-first birthday

On the eve of his thirty-first birthday to Josephcame two men in black robes who took him with them. Stopping at the abandoned quarry, strangers removed from Mr K. jacket and shirt, and then laid him on a stone. Josef did not resist, but in his head was a huge number of thoughts. He thought that there might have been some arguments that would help him stay alive.

The hands of one stranger were at Joseph's neck, while another man stabbed a knife in the heart of Mr. K.

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Kafka, The Process. Reviews and the main idea of ​​the work

Readers like to share impressions about the product with each other, because, of course, the "Process" causes them a lot of emotions.

One of the most famous modernists and theirworks of the 20th century, recognized by every connoisseur of literature, are Ernest Hemingway, The Little Prince, Kafka, The Process. The brief content of these works is familiar to every schoolboy. These fantastic masterpieces of literature cause the reader a huge range of emotions, and also make him find himself in the world that talented writers have created.

The main idea of ​​the work is that the main character gained freedom from the dualism that arose from the separation of his own "I" from the role imposed on him by society.

Kafka's novel "The Process" has a fascinating and fantastic plot, which, it would seem, does not make sense, but in reality the work has a profound meaning.

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