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Sandra Brown in Literature and Film

The most famous American writer, authorworld best-sellers, romance Sandra Brown is from Texas, from the small town of Waco. In Texas, Mrs. Brown spent her childhood. Prior to her marriage, she studied at the University of Texas as a linguist with a degree in English. In 1968, the husband of the future writer was Michael Brown - the host of the local talk show. She did not immediately become a writer: she worked as a model for a long time, her face could be seen in many commercials. Was leading on television and managing a perfume boutique.

Sandra Brown

Attempt at writing

The spouse introduced Sandra to his friends,many of whom were representatives of culture and art. One of them advised the young model to go to a conference of writers at the University of Houston. This trip impressed her - she decided to try herself as the author of books. Sandra Brown writes love, criminal, adventure novels. She started her work under different pseudonyms: Laura Jordan, Erin St. Clair, Rachel Ryan. Work under pseudonyms is a requirement of the publisher. It was necessary to write at least 6 books a year and under different names. The first manuscripts of Brown - small love stories and novels - were published in 1981. Two of the first-born writer - "Wedding Wreath" and "Reckless Love" - ​​enjoyed considerable popularity among women. Over the next 6 years, such works as "Invaluable gift", "Temptation park", "Second attempt", "Awakening", "Kiss-tempter", "The secret of charm", "Difficult choice", "Women's whims" and a lot others.

Free swimming

Sandra Brown

Until 1987 the author worked under the contract, and afterthe completion of his term began an independent writing career - over the following years, Sandra Brown's novels became world bestsellers. "As two drops of water" - the first work of the author, who was included in the list of the best books according to the version of The New York Times. So the writer became popular all over the world. The main areas of creativity were love, adventure novels and novels, detective stories and action-thrillers. Since the beginning of an independent writing career, even the first, reprinted works of Brown have become bestsellers.

For 1987-1992 the author several timeswas awarded prestigious prizes, became a member of the associations of authors and literary committees. For the years of creativity, the writer developed a recognizable style. She writes no more than one novel for a year. Her works are characterized by intricate story lines, a fascinating plot, and content.

About love and danger

Action-romance novels - the main thingdirection of creativity of the writer. "Crossing all boundaries" was published in 1985 - one of the works of the period of cooperation between the writer and the publisher on a contract basis. Narrative of a young woman who was separated from her beloved - he went to war, but he was not destined to return. The work is permeated with real, genuine feelings of love, despair, grief. In 1986, "Related Honor" is an extremely detective story about the love of a carefree girl and a fugitive prisoner.

Novels of Sandra Brown

At the end of the contract, books by Sandra Browncontinues to write in the crown genre - so there are novels "Inmost secrets", "French silk", "Like two drops of water", "The main witness", "Abduction in American way". The most famous works are "Ricochet", "Smoke screen", "Day of sin", "Script writer". The common features of the plot is passionate love against the background of an unusual detective story.

The circulation of the published books of the writer has exceeded 70 000 000 copies, they have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Love is beautiful

An invariable success is enjoyed by romance novels - withthem and began her writing career Sandra Brown. After "Reckless Love" and "Wedding Wreath" several famous works were published. It is worth noting that the first 10 years of creativity such books were written by a novelist. The plot line is based on the contrasts of the protagonists - a refined lady and a rough farmer, a pretentious, rich business lady and an unsociable, brutal policeman. The most famous novels of the genre are Thirst, Silk Cobweb, Flame of Passion, Awakening, Eloquent Silence, The Secret of Nobility, The Gray Mouse, The Tiger Prince, The Women's Whims, heaven "," At the Limit "," Night with a Stranger "and many others.

In 2001 one of the last worksauthor in the genre of a love story - "Envy". She tells of the daughter of the owner of the publishing house, who decided to find the author of the amazing manuscript. Of course, the young Maris is waiting for an unforgettable adventure and an ocean of passion.

The writer became the owner of the prestigious award - "For fidelity to the genre."

Not only books

Movies based on the novels of Sandra Brown
Works of the writer live not only in the pages of books. The screen version of the novels of Sandra Brown - "French silk", "Ricochet", "Smoke screen".

In 1994, the film "French Silk" was releaseddirector Noel Nozek. In the creation of the film version, the author of the book participated - Mrs. Brown was one of the writers. The story tells of the sudden passion of a strict police detective and the main suspect in the murder case. The film did not appear in theaters, it is little known.

The next screen adaptation appeared in 16 years - inIn 2010, Harry Yeats took off the "Smoke Screen", and the world-famous writer again experienced herself as a screenwriter. Jamie Pressley played a journalist who had to get involved in a dangerous investigation into the murder of a policeman. The novel, which formed the basis of the movie, is one of the most famous works of Brown in the genre of an action-packed detective.

And a year later the "Ricochet" was screened -detective about the investigation of a mysterious crime in the house of a young, attractive lady. And again, the heart of an uncompromising investigator is in danger - he is driving a crazy beautiful suspect.

books sandra brown

Films based on the novels of Sandra Brown are filled with all sorts of emotions, differ in dynamics.

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