/ What colors blend with white? Classic combination of colors

What colors blend with white? Classic combination of colors

If you are looking for which colors blend with white, thencan long not to guess. This is a universal color, to which everything is suitable. He, as a "sponge", takes and absorbs any scale, emphasizing it. White is the color of innocence and pristine purity, and therefore no one can spoil it.

The Basics of Combining Colors

In order to know what colors are combined with white, you need to find out the basics of the composition. These rules apply in any field of activity: when creating paintings, interior design or selection of clothing.

The first and most basic rule is to combineat the same time no more than three colors. One of them must prevail. He will create an image. The second will highlight important points and draw attention to the merits. The third will put the necessary emphasis. It is an auxiliary, and therefore, in the image of it should be a little.

One pure color is rather boring and poor. Especially if you decide to create a white interior. It's like the lair of the "Snow Queen", which will be tempered by coldness and dullness.

If in the painting you decide to mix more than 3 colors,then you get a smeared "swamp," and not a beautiful still life. The same is in the style of clothes. The abundance of shades will force people to jump over a look to one or the other, which subconsciously causes anxiety.

combination of black and white

Types of color combinations

We have already mentioned that you do not need to think aboutThe colors that blend with white, as all fit the gamut. But in this matter it is worthwhile to understand that there are different types of combination. It affects the taste and perception of your composition by others.

Artists distinguish three types of combinations:

1. White, black and gray. Gammu of these shades is called an achromatic combination.

2. Monochrome is a mix of different shades of white, for example, cream, marble and ivory, which can be seen on the wedding dress.

3. Complementarity - a combination of contrasting colors of pure hues. For example, red, white, blue.

Black and white world

Black and white colors are considered classics of the genre. They can be found both in the interior and in clothing. The combination of black and white has more than once attracted the attention of psychologists, and that's what they say about this.

First of all, this is the unity of opposites. Remember the famous symbol of the Eastern religion "Yin and Yang." Black color, oddly enough, is a feminine, a little passive. White personifies the man as an active and persistent creation. When a person prefers only black and white colors in clothes, this indicates serious psychological tension, pressure or prolonged depression.

what colors are combined with white

Black-and-white perception of the world isan emotionless state. We are talking about this when it comes to maximalism, inevitability and bleak existence. It's paints that add vitality, so even classic images, positively minded people, try to dilute with bright colors.

Red and white

A beautiful feminine image is red withwhite. It is a caring and chaste image, which is not in vain chosen as a symbol for the ambulance. This combination leads to action, self-sacrifice and love for others. White has no boundaries, it absorbs everything, including the fire of red. A scarlet color that feeds it, gives energy and strength.

red white blue

The combination of red and white choose sensualRomantic nature, ready for loving deeds and endowed with passion. In the interior this is a very bold design, which needs to be thought through. Abundance of scarlet causes rapid fatigue, and the predominance of white - boredom. Therefore only correct accents will help to create an ideal image.

As for clothes, everything is much simpler here, because red and white is a classic female image that can be applied in everyday working life and for special events.

If you are interested, what colors are combined withred and white, then you need to pay attention to the contrasting cold shades. Do not choose pastel colors, it should be a full-bodied rich color, such as blue, purple, black or brown.

White and blue

In everyday life, strangely enough, thisthe combination is very limited. Perhaps because of the fact that such a duet creates an exemplary-clean image, the correctness of which can derive from itself. White - the light of sterility, innocence and blue - spirituality, discipline and high intelligence. Straight image for a botanist-melancholic.

what colors are combined with red and white

A blue and white image is suitable for women - approximatehousewives who want everyone to see in them an ideal, an example for imitation. A more complementary type looks much more romantic, for example, with a red addition. The scarlet color will add fire, sparks and vitality to clothing. Knowingly red, white, blue symbolize a firm stand, perseverance, strength and steadfastness. Pay attention, it is this tricolor that is present on the flag of Russia, France and many other countries.

White and green

White and green personify the pristine beautynature. This combination can often be found in the spring, when the first leaves break through the snow. The duet of green and white reminds us of strength, revived beauty, health. In the interior, this is an excellent option for those rooms in which you need to calm down and adjust to work. Since green is the best option for the eyes, it will help relieve nervous tension and give a little joy. In turn, white visually expands the space, and, therefore, in such a room certainly will not be cramped.

red and white

Girls who prefer such colors in clothes, -they are beautiful mothers and caring wives. They combine childish immediacy and seriousness. They will not waste words, but when you need to be liberated, you will be surprised how romantic and feminine they are.


We examined what colors are combined with white. Now you know that the best monochrome compositions are created with black, red, blue and green. But white is a universal color, and it will solemnly look with any shade of pastel tones, emphasize the richness of warm colors and complement the sophistication of the cold gamut.

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