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Actress Anna Nakhapetova: biography, personal life. Top Movies

Anna Nakhapetova - not only the daughter of the famousparents, but also a talented actress and ballerina. Her first role she performed as a child, since then from time to time is on the set. "Sunday Dad", "Blockade", "Fantasy of the White Nights", "Two Women", "One War", "Personal Life of Dr. Selivanova" - films and serials in which it can be seen. What else is known about this charming girl?

Anna Nakhapetova: the beginning of the road

The actress and ballerina was born in Moscow,it happened in October 1978. Anna Nakhapetova - the girl who was lucky enough to be born in a creative family, it is not surprising that she linked her life with the world of art. Her parents are famous actors Vera Glagoleva and Rodion Nahapetov.

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Even in her childhood, Anya got interested in ballet, interestled the girl to the Leningrad Academic Choreography School. A few years later she was admitted to the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, which the beginning ballerina graduated in 1996.

Then Anna Nahapetova began to perform on stageThe Bolshoi Theater. "Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker" - the first production with her participation, she brilliantly embodied the image of the Devil. It is difficult to list all the famous performances in which, for example, the Sleeping Beauty, The Golden Age, Don Quixote, The Daughter of the Pharaoh, Raymonda, Spartacus, Triangle, The Bayadere.

Relations with the father

At the age of ten I experienced the first realthe tragedy of Anna Nakhapetova. The biography of the star indicates that she was very sensitive to the divorce of her parents. It all started with the fact that Rodion Nahapetov went to the States in search of work. Soon Anna's father had another woman, she became an employee of the Association of Independent Television USA Natasha.

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At first the girl tried to convince the popereturn to Russia, accused him of writing. Then, for several years, Anna and her sister Masha stopped talking with Rodion. To restore their relationship helped their mother. Vera Glagoleva took the daughters with her, went to the States on tour, and then for a while left them with her father. He also did his best to find contact with the girls. Subsequently, Anna often visited the Pope, in 2002, played one of the key roles in his television project "Russian in the city of angels."

Cinema and theater

In 1985, for the first time, she was on the setAnna Nakhapetova. The filmography of the star began with the melodrama "Sunday Dad". In this picture, her mother Vera embodied the image of the kindergarten teacher, the young actress inherited the role of her daughter Nina.

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The second time Anna got on setonly in 2002. She appeared in the series "Russian in the city of angels", embodied the image of his wife Miha. Immediately after that, the television project "The Secret of Swan Lake" was released with the participation of the beginning actress. The first roles inspired Anna to further accomplishments.

The talented girl drew the attention of the directorYungvald-Khilkevich. This man took Nakhapetov immediately in two of his tapes - a piercing melodrama "New Romance" and a lyrical musical comedy "On its head". In the first film she embodied the image of the ballerina Ani, and in the second she played the young singer Lyudmila Rubin. She was once again able to portray the dancer in the TV series "The Personal Life of Dr. Selivanova." Anna also starred in the films "Two Women", "Blockade", "One War", in the miniseries "Fantasy of the White Nights".

Several times Nahapetova took part in the productions of the Satire Theater. For example, she embodied the image of the Faith in the play with the original name "Lupof".

Personal life

Of course, fans are interested not only inthe role that Anna Nakhapetova performed. The personal life of the star also occupies the public. With her freedom, the actress and ballerina decided to part in 2006. The choice of the girl fell on Egor Simacheva, her colleague from the Bolshoi Theater. Before the wedding, Anna and Egor lived together for several years.

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Shortly after the marriage actress and ballerinashe produced a daughter who was called Polina. Unfortunately, the family union did not save the child. The spouses announced their separation, indicating as a cause of domestic differences. At the moment, the ex-husband and wife are on friendly terms. Egor devotes much time to his daughter.

About her personal life Anna does not like to talk with journalists, so you can not say whether her heart is free now, whether she meets someone.

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