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Peter Dinklage (Peter Dinklage): filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

It is believed that in Hollywood can succeedonly high-pumped guys with the right features. But Peter Dinklage destroyed this stereotype. With the growth of 135 cm, he received not only a large number of awards and recognition of critics, but also the love of fans and fans from different parts of the world.

Childhood actor

Peter Dinkleage
Peter Dinklage is a native American. He was born in New Jersey in 1969. The Dinklage family was far from the world of show business: his mother taught music, and his father worked as an insurance agent.

The actor's family, unlike himself, the averagegrowth. Because no one could predict that one day Peter will simply stop growing. Genetic Dinklage disease, leading to dwarfism, is still poorly understood. Therefore, there is still no cure for it.

Peter's classmates continued to grow. Soon a short schoolboy became the object of ridicule. It was imprinted on the character of the actor. Despite his popularity, he is shy, does not like to speak before a lot of people. In the same school years, the genetic disease, because of which Peter was bullied, was the reason for his isolation and lack of security.

The first roles in the cinema

Peter Dinklage did not despair. Instead of withdrawing into himself, he began to make his way into the world of cinema. But the first role he received only in 26 years. Peter took part in the filming of the film "Life in oblivion."

After this role did not pour a stormy stream. Peter still had to find difficult scenarios for himself, to go for tests. The small height of the young man prevented him from taking any role. And the filmmakers did not see in him the potential of a serious dramatic actor.

Peter Dinklage photo

Peter Dinklejj has starred in the films "Bullet","Bear cubs", "Third shift" and many others. But all these roles did not bring him success. Peter was familiar only to a narrow circle of spectators. His real glory was ahead.


Enjoy the well-deserved fame of Peter Dinklagecould only after filming in the cult film "Stationmaster." The role in this picture brought the actor popularity among all fans of intelligent festival cinema.

For the role in the movie "Stationmaster" Dinklage was caressed by critics. They wrote laudatory reviews and prophesied to the actor a great future in the world of cinema.

A touching and versatile character in the film"Stationmaster", played by Dinklage, brought him the first prize. His work was awarded the Satellite Award. Peter won in the nomination "Exceptional Talent".

Fairy tales for children and adults

Thanks to the role in the "Stationmaster" has becomefamous Peter Dinklage. The filmography of the actor after this tape was replenished with a lot of interesting paintings, in which many well-known artists also took part.

Together with the most popular English actor GaryOldman Peter played in the movie "Little fingers." This touching picture, permeated with light sadness, tells a new story about the life of people whose growth is much lower than usual.

peter dinklage

Dinklage was fond of many children for their roles in the goodfamily films "Lassie" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". These tapes are included in the gold collection of films for children and young people and are still popular.

Another light and fairy-tale film in the career of the actor was the tape "Penelope". This fairy tale is created for teenagers and young people to teach them to love themselves for who they are.

"Game of Thrones"

After successfully playing the roles of Peter Dinklagebegan to receive different proposals. Now he played not only dwarves and elves, but also romantic heroes. The army of Dinklage's admirers grew. But the real glory Peter knew because of his role in the cult series "The Game of Thrones."

peter dinklage movies

As soon as it was decided to film the epicsaga George Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire," Peter received an offer to play Tirion Lannister. He was one of the first actors approved for the role. And he also advised the creators of the actress Lena Hidi, who later received the role of Cersei Lannister, sister of Tirion.

Despite the fact that Tirion is a fan of brothels andbooze, he became the favorite character for everyone who has ever watched the show. Thanks to his sharp mind and subtle humor, the hero is the most interesting of all. And there is no doubt that no one would have handled this role as brilliantly as Peter Dinklage did.

A talented actor's game was rewarded with the "Golden Globe" - one of the most prestigious awards in the life of world cinema.

Personal life

Happy is not only the career of the actor,but also his personal life. In 2005, Peter Dinklage took Eric Schmidt as his wife. The wedding was quiet, it was not invited to a huge number of guests and journalists.

The actor's wife also has to do with the acting world, but her life is not dedicated to cinema, but to the theater. Erica is a theater director.

Peter Dinklage with his wife

For a long time, Peter Dinklage and his wife did not havechildren. And only in 2011 the couple had a daughter Zelig. Parents tried not to give too much publicity to this event. For a long time, even the name of the girl was hidden from journalists and fans. But the paparazzi could not remain indifferent when they saw Peter Dinklage walking with his daughter. By the happy face of the girl it was clear that she adored her dad.

Peter carefully protects his private life from the public and rarely talks about his family. From details it is also known that he adheres to a vegetarian way of life.

Rich acting plans

Thanks to the role in the series "Game of Thrones", Peterbegan to receive proposals to withdraw not only in the festival films, but also in the box office. He takes part in a large number of paintings, and the next year for him will be rich in events.

One of the most anticipated films of this year is the tape "People X: Days of the Past". This picture has collected a whole galaxy of popular actors. Our hero occupies a worthy place among them.

As Peter Dinklage himself reports, the films "This morning in New York" and "Long road home" will also be released in 2014. They are expected not less than a fantastic tape about mutants.

Fans of cinema and fans of the actor are ready to dorates on the fact that this year the work of Peter Dinklage will again be marked by prestigious film awards. The scene of the trial of Tirion Lannister became the real starry hour of the actor. In it, he gave his best so that not to touch the soul of the audience this moment can not. Many hopes are placed on the tandem of Peter with the Danish actor Nikolai Koster-Valdau, who plays Tirion's brother Jame.

Be yourself

Peter Dinklage still does not like to performbefore a large number of people. But he learned to accept himself as he is. The actor is not at all embarrassed by his growth and sincerely surprised why others are afraid to offend him, calling him a dwarf. Peter does not see anything offensive in this.

Although he tries to hide his personal life, PeterDinklage, photos of the actor and his family are increasingly decorated with press pages. Every year it becomes more and more popular. He is predicted even more loud and bright roles, a large number of awards and a successful career.

peter dinklejdzh with the daughter

More recently, Peter could not have guessed,how famous the series "The Game of Thrones" will make it. For a few years, he turned from an actor of festival cinema into one of the most sought after persons of Hollywood.

Peter Dinklage is an example of a man with a strongcharacter. He achieved what his classmates could not even dream of, laughing at his growth. It teaches people to value themselves and achieve their goals.

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