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Yulia Borisova - biography and films

The heroine of this material is Julia Borisova. Her biography will be examined below. She was born in 1925, on March 17. It's about the Soviet and Russian actress of cinema and theater, as well as a TV presenter. She is People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of 2 State Prizes of the Russian Federation.

Julia Borisova is an actress. Biography

julia borisova
Was born in Moscow. She was educated at the Shchukin Theater School. She graduated in 1949. Admitted to the theater company E. Vakhtangov. On his stage, for the first time, she appeared during her studies - back in 1947. In that theater she served more than sixty years as a leading actress. I played mainly the main roles. Among them: Virineya, Nastasya Filippovna, Turandot, Cleopatra. She also appeared in the image of Gehlen in the Warsaw Melody and Vali from the Irkutsk History. Julia Borisova, as an actress, loved and highly appreciated RN Simonov - artistic director of the theater. He put several plays directly for her. It should be said about his son Eugene Simonov. He also created staging for the actress. For many years AI Remizova, a student of EB Vakhtangov, was engaged with her.

Yulia Borisova - mostly theatricalactress, she did not act in film very much. The most famous were the performances of the Vakhtangov Theater, which were shown on television: Antony and Cleopatra, Konarmiya, Irkutsk History, Millionaire, Princess Turandot, City at Dawn.

Played in the movie "Idiot" Nastasya Filippovna, and in the film "Ambassador" - Helen Koltsov. Did not appear on the screen since 1980.

Julia Borisova has for many years occupiedthe post of deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, was in the Presidium of the House of Actor. In 2005, on March 17 at the Vakhtangov Theater, a jubilee creative evening was held in her honor. The actress appeared on stage in the role of Kruchinina from the play "Without guilt" by AN Ostrovsky.

Personal life and creativity

Julia Borisova actress biography
Julia Borisova is an actress whose biography is veryinterests her fans. She was married once. Her elect was II Spector, the managing director of the Vakhtangov Theater. Son - an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Alexander. Granddaughters - Daria and Maria. Julia Borisova is an actress who has played many roles in the theater. In particular, she took part in the following productions: "The conspiracy of the doomed", "A lot of noise from nothing", "Makar Dubrava", "Les Misérables", "Two Veronica", "On the golden day", "One", "The city at dawn" "Two Sisters", "Unwritten Law", "Idiot", "Coronation", "Irkutsk History", "Strypuh", "Twelfth Hour", "Married", "Two on the swing", "Princess Turandot", "Millionaire" , "Pravda i kryvda", "Mocking My Happiness", "Konarmiya", "Virineya", "Warsaw Melody", "Anthony and Cleopatra", "From the Life of a Business Woman", "Leshiy", "Maria Tudor", "Glass water "," Without Iny "," Dear Liar "," Pristan ".

Recognition and rewards

Julia Borisova
Julia Borisova in 1985 was awarded the title of HeroSocialist Labor. Awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" of the third degree in 1995. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Yulia Borisova was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the fourth degree. She was awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR. The owner of two Orders of Lenin. She was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR. She was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. Received a state award of the Russian Federation.

But this is not all her regalia. The actress received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. She became a laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR KS Stanislavsky. He is the first winner of the Moscow Higher Theater Award "Crystal Turandot". Has received the international award of KS Stanislavsky. He is a holder of medals and orders of foreign states. She became the owner of the "Idol" award. Has received the "Golden Mask". Awarded the "Theater Spring" prize.


Julia Borisova actress
Yulia Borisova in 1948 played in the tape "Three Encounters." The picture consists of separate novels dedicated to war participants who returned from the front, and after entering into a new peaceful life.

In 1958, Mr .. received a role in the film "The Idiot." His first series was created on the basis of the same name by F. Dostoyevsky. The film received a prize at a film festival in the city of Kiev. The second series remained unplugged.

In 1969 she starred in the film "Ambassador". His story tells of Elena Koltsova. The heroine is the Soviet ambassador of a neutral Scandinavian country, she during the war is working to expose the provocations of Germany.

The actress also worked on television. Played in the movie "Virgin Soil Upturned". She worked on the picture "Amber necklace". Participated in the tape "Interview in the spring." Played in the movie "Situation". She starred in the film "Eugene Onegin".

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