/ / Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg): about the theater, repertoire, troupe

Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg): about the theater, repertoire, troupe

Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg) is inthe heart of the cultural capital. The main part of the repertoire consists of musical performances for children. But the adult public here is not deprived of attention.

About the theater

theater behind the looking glass of spb

Theater "Zazerkalie" (St. Petersburg) is considered one of the best in St. Petersburg from the musical, on its stage are children's musicals, world masterpieces of opera, operetta, concerts and musical evenings.

The theater opened in 1987. Its creator was Alexander Petrov. It was he who came up with the name "Through the Looking Glass" under the influence of the work of Lewis Carroll.

The children's musical theater has repeatedly become a laureate of prestigious theater awards, including the Golden Sofit and the Golden Mask.

The troupe constantly takes part in various festivals and goes on tour to other cities and countries.

"Through the Looking Glass" is very popular among young and adult audiences. Their interest in theater performances does not weaken.

Performances for children

musical children's theater

The repertoire of the "Through the Looking Glass" theater (St. Petersburg) includes the following performances for children:

  • "Favorite toy".
  • "Finist is a clear falcon".
  • "Alice Quest."
  • "Ludwig and Tutta, or Lessidesian history."
  • "Passion for Kashtanka."
  • "Winnie-the-Pooh and all, all, all."
  • "Robinson Crusoe".
  • "Three piglets".
  • "Crocodile".
  • "Christmas mystery" and others.

Performances for adults

theater through the looking-glass st. petersburg

Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg) offers the adult audience the following musical performances:

  • "Porgy and Bess".
  • "Magical flute".
  • "Love drink."
  • "Cinderella".
  • "Cricket on the stove."
  • "Newspaper, or Marriage on the ad" and others.


Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg) gathered on its stage remarkable soloists:

  • Daria Rositskaya.
  • Anna Yevtushenko.
  • Natalia Barlyaeva.
  • Andrey Matveyev.
  • Rail Safargaliyev.
  • Maria Reshavskaya.
  • Elena Milyaeva.
  • Anton Moskalev.
  • Kirill Zhukov.
  • Anna Snegova.
  • Ekaterina Kurbanova.
  • Olga the Red.
  • Yuri Davidenko.
  • Olga Vasilyeva and others.

New season 2016-2017

Theater "Through the Looking Glass" (St. Petersburg) opened this season withsweep. The first in the queue was the opera Madama Butterfly. As the director was the founder and permanent artistic director - Alexander Petrov.

Also in the 2016-2017 season there was an innovation -The cozy courtyard of the theater turned into a real concert hall in the open air. There is now a scene, spectator seats, scenery and a protective awning from the rain in case of bad weather. In September, while it was warm, a series of concerts was held on the territory of the courtyard, which allowed listeners to be transferred to other times and different countries.

In the first days of autumn, in Zazerkalye events were held, dedicated to the veterans of the polar convoys of 1941-1945. Meetings with these heroes were held here, for them artists arranged a big concert.

The musical children's theater joined the celebration of the anniversary of Sergei Dovlatov. In honor of this event, performances on his prosaic works were shown here: "Sounds D" and "Suitcase".

On the day that is marked as the beginning of the blockadeLeningrad, September 8, the theater actors took part in the Memorial ceremony on the shore of the Ladoga Lake. Young artists sang about the heavy burden of war and the price at which the Great Victory was won.

Also in September the theater performed in the project "Music on the Neva". This festival was organized in the heart of the cultural capital - in the open air.

In October, "Through the Looking Glass" gave its young audience two premieres: "Alice. Quest "and" Humpty Dumpty ".

Also soon the theater plans to go on tour to Moscow.

In November, "Through the Looking Glass" will take part in the project"Try Yourself", which is organized by the Goethe Institute in St. Petersburg. Here, students in the upper grades will be given the opportunity to try themselves in art. They will be able to carry out their theatrical production and play a role in it. Actors "Through the Looking Glass" will conduct master classes for schoolchildren. Thus, adolescents will be given the opportunity to express themselves and express themselves. The project is aimed at making the theater part of the life of the younger generation.

In the New Year holidays "Through the Looking Glass" will presentto his young audiences the exclusive concerts of classical music "Conductor - Father Frost". In the program of the works of E. Grieg, P. I. Tchaikovsky, I. Brahms, V.A. Mozart, S. Prokofiev, L. Beethoven and other great composers. The concert will feature soloists and the orchestra of the theater "Through the Looking Glass".

For the second half of this season are scheduled such premieres as opera "Carmen", children's musical "Old Man Hottabych."

And also the number of subscriptions will increase, now there will be ten.

As of April 2017, a theaterfestival for children. It is called "Harlequin". And also a theater prize with the same title will be awarded. It will receive the best domestic productions, intended for young spectators.


repertoire of the theater

Theater "Through the Looking Glass" is located along the streetRubinstein, house number 13. The nearest metro station is "Dostoevskaya" ("Vladimirskaya"). Next to Zazerkalem are the theater of Europe, Manevich Square and Doctor Filatov's Clinic. And also the streets: Zagorodny prospect, Grafsky lane.

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