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Inga Ilm: biography, personal and creative life of the actress

In the early eighties of the last century,Soviet television screens a musical appeared about children, definitely falling out of the cradle of conformist Soviet children's films. They were two two-part film stories about the adventures of Petrov, Vasechkin and their first love - Masha Startseva. Inga Ilm played a beautiful student in the film.

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Childhood dreams

The actress was born on December 22, 1971 inLeningrad. Her parents adored noisy companies, lived, so to speak, an open house, where the Leningrad creative intelligentsia came. The actors of the Leningrad City Council were also regulars of these "parties". One of them, admiring Inga, her wide-open eyes in fluffy cilia, advised her parents to give the girl to the cinema, and even volunteered to take her picture to the Lenfilmov filing cabinet. She herself did not dream about the spotlights and the stage, she liked biology, and the girl wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, a doctor. But fate had other plans for her.

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The happiness of being an actress

Six years after her photowas in the archives of "Lenfilm", a phone call was heard in Ilmov's apartment. The girl was asked one question: how old she is now. Learning that Inge was twelve, the voice at the other end of the line was cheerful: it turned out that this was the right thing to shoot in a new children's television movie. So Inga Ilm was in the crew of the "Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin." The film was directed by Vladimir Alenikov, who stuffed his hand on the merry sketches of the Yeralash newsreel. It was 1983, the time of stagnation, the tape, which turned out mischievous and dynamic, was almost forbidden to show for the "non-pioneer behavior" of the characters. But the film came out and had a stunning success. And immediately the second, summer part of the sparkling adventures of restless schoolchildren - "Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin, ordinary and incredible" was photographed. For the role of an excellent pupil Masha Startseva, who conquered the hearts of inseparable friends, Nastya Ulanova claimed, a girl who later played Anka in the camp, where the heroes came for a vacation. Inga Ilm was approved for the role of Masha thanks to the unanimous choice of her screen buddies Egor Druzhinin and Dima Barkova, who became her friends in life.

The tricks on the set, ordinary and incredible

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I never loved excellent students, Inga playedthe most "notorious" child, as one can imagine. And she studies in the top five, and everything she does brilliantly, according to the script, she even received a medal for saving drowning people. In real life, Inga, too, did not sit idle, she studied at a dance studio, went to a circle of writers, was a Yunnat, was engaged in horse riding in the school of the Olympic reserve. At a young age, the girl learned Latin, believing that this should be part of the education of every literate person. The actress recalls the first time in her life as a fairy tale. The film was done in Odessa, in the evenings young artists ran to the pier, swam, caught mussels and fried them at the stake. Of course, the guys worked hard and learned a lot, but there was a lot of hooligan tricks. Inga Ilm now with a smile recalls how, having stolen a pyrotechnic smoke detector, the mischievous people staged a fire, and how, having smeared with the "cine" blood taken from the make-up artists, they lay down in crowded places and frightened passers-by. Once the guys nachudili, tightly closed in a tank T-34. They got out of there only thanks to the cleverness of the boys.

Popularity among young actors was frenzied, butit was the other side. It is difficult for a child's mind to stand when people recognize you everywhere, poke your fingers at you and envy you. In addition, for two years, while on the screen was an excellent pupil, Inga became a dvoechnitsy in his real school.

Acting career and personal life

Further biography of Inga Ilm was determined. After graduating from high school, the girl entered the Moscow Art Theater School. In one of the interviews, the actress admitted that she achieved success solely by her "head": instead of 1-2 shows she did 16, thinking about how this or that option can turn out. The debut of the student was the role of Nina in the performance of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov's "Masquerade." During her studies, Inga took a lot of acting. The audience remembered unpredictable images in the films "You are", "Eyes", "The Seagull", "The Host of White Princess", "The Ladder of Light". The last of these films made a new turn in the fate of Inga. The tape was filmed by Irish director Gerald Michael Brian McCartney. He was fascinated by the fragile black-eyed actress. After filming the film, they got married. His son Jason, a young mother, according to fashion techniques, gave birth at home, in the water.

American impressions

In late 1993, the young actress Inga Ilmwent to America to study English and master theatrical skills at the Institute of Theater and Film Lee Strasberg. This actor's school, by the way, was completed in due time by the famous Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie. If at the time of study at the Moscow Art Theater School, Inga sometimes had to play cards for money to feed, but now in New York she had to work as a parking man and administrator.

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American way of life, where everything is planned beforetrifles for many years to come, soon became bored with the actress. A year later she returned to her homeland. The head of the course, at which the girl studied at the Moscow Art Theater School, the main director of the Theater. Pushkin Yuri Eremin, took his graduate to the theater he headed. Here she played Princess Mary in the play "Call Pechorin ..." based on the play of Nina Sadur, Hermione in the production of Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Masha in the play based on Pushkin's novel "Dubrovsky."

Together with classmate Eugene Pisarev they put on a magnificent performance based on the works of Salinger, where Inga played four roles in different short stories. In 2001, the actress left the stage.

The era of television

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As a TV presenter, Inga has worked since 1996,led the rating of the "Hot Ten" on RTR, worked on the federal TVC channel. With Dmitry Mariyanovym invented and conducted a program about the theater "I do not believe!", For which she wrote scripts and acted as a journalist and director. Then Inga was the leader on the independent Moscow channel of the CGT. At the peak of her television career, the actress decided to shoot in a nude style. Candid photos of Inga Ilm appeared in Playboy and in the magazine Om. "Naked" popularly beloved excellent student Masha Startseva not forgiven. Inga was condemned and was fired. In the studio, the actress returned in 2006 as the leading quiz "Big Brains" on the REN-TV channel.

Literature and journalism

The next step in the biography of Inga Ilm becamepublishing business. In 2003, together with her husband, she opened the publishing house FBI-press. In 2008, a young woman published her book about Charles Cameron, a Scottish architect working at the court of Catherine II. A year later, the actress became the creator and coordinator of the independent literary prize "Neformat" for novice authors.

Art and Science

In 2010, Inga Valerievna Ilm engaged in scientificby taking part in a conference on provincial gentry manors. The start to this was the study at the historical faculty of Moscow State University, the specialization of the art culture of Russia in the first half of the eighteenth century.

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When Ingu Ilm again and again asked about MashaShe is sighing from the far 80s: the image of this girl is her "rock". But for millions of fans of the actress is obvious: she was even more gifted, interesting and charming than her screen character from childhood.

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