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How to draw a sparrow

How to draw a sparrow? Many fans of reproducing the details of the surrounding world, giving them their vision, are seriously asked this question. In order to correctly and accurately draw a sparrow, you must first learn about them more - at least some important facts. The description of the sparrow will help to reproduce the bird more accurately on paper. So, let's figure out who sparrows are!

How to draw a sparrow
Sparrows - magnificent in beauty and structurebirds, which are always a pleasure to draw. You have observed many times how these adorable creatures come to you and sit on the bars, piercing you with their convincing gaze. Sparrows are one of the most common representatives of the bird world. According to their structure they belong to small birds. Sparrows are stocky, with a fairly strong non-small beak. They always nest in hollows and other people's nests. In color sparrows can be completely different - from white to brown. Sparrows, unlike many representatives perknatyh, do not fly away for the winter. To survive the severe frosts, they gather together in small flocks and keep as close as possible to human houses.

In principle, this is exactly the description of the sparrow,which we need for our first drawing. Most people, drawing birds, begin with the most expressive part of it - the head. And this is correct, since the head dictates the direction of the body lines. How to draw a sparrow? It's not as difficult as it seems.

to draw a sparrow
There are a few simple steps that help to understand,how to draw a sparrow. First you need to draw a head, beak and eyes. After that draw the body, separating the tail and the wing. Description of the sparrow gives an idea of ​​the proportions of his body. Then you need to make the sparrow fluffy. For this zigzag line we outline the most fluffy places, in this case it's the belly and the head. Then draw the plumage and outline the color spot on the bird's head. To draw this all, you will not need more than 20 minutes. After the sketch has been successfully made, it is necessary to paint over some areas around the nose and eyes. This is mostly done in dark color. After that, we paint the feathers on the tail and wing with the same dark color. At the last stage of the drawing, we guide the claws. Having dealt with the most difficult part, you will not notice how quickly you will pass the last stage of the drawing. After you have finished the paws, look at the finished version. If your sparrow looks perfect, then you have coped with the case.

description of the sparrow
From all the above, the most important conclusion follows: to correctly and accurately draw a sparrow, you need to understand and study these birds, observe them, their appearance and structure. Just watching them will give your drawing expressiveness and accuracy. These are birds, which by their appearance may differ from each other. And if you want to draw a sparrow that does not look like your brothers, then a precise knowledge of the features of its structure will help you in this. From the qualitative study of the surrounding world depends the accuracy of any of your drawings. How to draw a sparrow? Very simple, watch and reproduce!

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