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The book about nature: what to choose for reading to the child?

The book about nature is one of the most basicways to help children learn more about our world, teach them to love their native country, and also instill a kind attitude towards our smaller brothers. Russian writers who created remarkable works of this subject, paid attention not only to sketching landscapes, but also to moral and ethical content. You can give a large list of names of those who wrote about nature.

The book about nature

Books about nature: authors

Of course, the first who comes to mind at oneThe mention of such a genre as the story of nature is Mikhail Prishvin and Konstantin Paustovsky. Their works for children are studied at school. Among the stories of these writers are those that are intended for the youngest readers, but this does not exclude the presence in their arsenal of works of more serious and "adults."

About nature also wrote a wonderful author of the beginning20 th century Ivan Shmelev, who was forced to emigrate abroad after the revolution. In his books, so much love for his native land, for the Russian people, that they simply need to be read to everyone. Sometimes in his works there is a religious element, and all the church holidays, which the author describes, invariably cause readers awe, a sense of unity with his people.

Books about nature and animals

Another famous naturalist is Zhitkov Boris. He wonderfully described the behavior of animals, changes in nature that occur with the change of seasons.

Books about nature and animals were written by such authors as Pogodin R., Aleshin V., Ehrenburg I. From foreign classics: J. London, M. Twain, and others.

Analysis of some works

It is impossible to speak about literary works, nothaving analyzed them. The peculiarity of the works of this subject is that small stories are combined into whole books. The names of books about nature, as a rule, simple and uncomplicated, immediately set the main theme of the work.

M. Prishvin, "The Forest Master"

This is a series of stories that got its namethanks to one of them. The whole collection is imbued with a common thought: can a man be a master of the forest? Prishvin clearly says that no. In the first story "Web", the narrator appears before the reader as a person with whom his own secrets share the forest itself. He saw thousands of small cobwebs stretched from one tree to another. When he understood this, he began to go so as not to hurt those who saw. This story is primarily to teach careful attitude to nature, as well as the ability to feel the beauty and charm of the environment. The protagonist of the story, on whose behalf the narrative is conducted, becomes a witness of how the mischievous boy set fire to the resin on the tree. The hero put out the fire. A mischievous - "forest master" - a lesson was the reproach of his reasonable friend Zina. All three heroes together wait for rain under the tree, so as not to get wet. The narrator says that there is nothing more beautiful than listening to a warm summer rain in the forest, and the reader also wants to enjoy such moments.

Books about nature authors

"Pantry of the Sun"

This is perhaps the most famous book about nature. Prishvin wrote it in a very beautiful language. He tries to draw the young reader's attention to the extraordinary greatness of Russian nature, to instill a love for her. The heroes of the story are two orphaned children, Mitras and Nastya. Mitrasha constantly teaches her little sister. She tells her a lot from what his father told him. Very detailed Prishvin describes the forest. He pays attention to every berry and every leaf, this is also valuable story.

K. Paustovsky, "The Golden Line"

This story talks about fishing. The author lovingly describes the march with his grandfather for fish: the way he was whipped by horse sorrel, how the quail sang in the bushes, how the summer rain began. The heroes managed to catch a huge gold line, envied by all the villagers.

"Hare paws"

This is a very kind book about nature. A story about how animals and humans can interact. Grandfather once went hunting, shot a rabbit, but did not hit. And then a fire started in the forest. He began to run away from the fire, but the fire spread very quickly and already death overtook him. Then suddenly he saw a hare, which also escaped from the fire. Grandfather knew that animals feel where the fire comes from, and ran after the beast. Gray led grandfather out of the fire. The animal had burned legs and belly. Grandfather and his grandson Vanka took the hare to the veterinarian, took care of him. So, he recovered and stayed with his grandfather, but he also ran in the wild. And the old hunter still feels guilty before his savior for shooting at him.

Names of books about nature

Books about living nature are always instructive. They help explain to the child where the good is and where the evil is, how to act. Russian writers paid special attention to landscapes. Of course, the favorite place is the forest. After all, he is associated with Russia.

Not every book about nature contains such detailedits description. A vivid example is the work of Jack London "White Fang". It is intended for teenage reading, fosters respect and love for those who have been tamed by man.

J. London, "White Fang"

The son of a dog and a wolf, White Fang, was very, veryI am glad that I got to the white people. He was brought up as a fighting dog. But one day his beloved host almost killed him because of a loss. Then another white man bought it - Scott. White Fang was suspicious of him, but then he got used to it. Scott took the dog with him to California, where at first the animal was unaccustomed. The farm is quiet and peaceful. But then Fang got used, he once saved from the death of a man, while receiving severe wounds. But a strong animal has recovered. White Fang repaid to Scott for good treatment with his love and devotion.

Books about wildlife

Thus, the book about nature is not just a way to learn new things about the world, but also a good opportunity to develop in oneself kindness, a sense of beauty, all human qualities.

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