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Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov): about the theater, repertoire, troupe, reviews

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov) began its creative career in the 19th century. He is the pride of Saratov. In addition to operas and ballets, his repertoire includes operettas, children's and musical performances.

About the theater

theater of opera and ballet of the Saratov

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov) is one of thethe oldest not only in the Volga region, but also in Russia. In 2003, he celebrated his 200th anniversary. Saratov became the first of the provincial cities, where the music school and the conservatory were opened.

The Opera and Ballet Theater rightfully considers itself to be the continuer and custodian of the traditions of world art. The basis of his repertoire is composed of classical works.

Soloists of the theater have gained fame not only in our country, they are known and far beyond its borders, as they often go on tour and repeatedly became winners of various festivals.


opera and ballet theater of the Saratov good places

The Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov) offers itsspectators staging a variety of genres, not just the usual two. This is different from many similar collectives. The repertoire of the opera and ballet theater is rich and varied.


  • "Magical flute".
  • "Girl and Death."
  • The Maritza.
  • "Puss in Boots".
  • "Nutcracker".
  • "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • "The Wedding of Figaro."
  • "Steel Skok".
  • "Bandits."
  • "In retro style."
  • "Iolanta".
  • "The Bremen Town Musicians".
  • "Secret marriage".
  • "Raymonda."
  • The Gypsy Baron.
  • "Cipollino."
  • "Don Juan".

And so on.


The Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov) has assembled on its stage a large troupe.


  • Victoria Gubriy.
  • Marina Salnikova.
  • Anna Shakhova.
  • Elena Savul.
  • Marina Demidova.
  • Daria Gergel.
  • Eugene Zarya.
  • Alexander Bagmat.
  • Lana Kushnir.
  • Andrei Potaturin.
  • Natalia Prokhorova.
  • Oleg Khalyapin.
  • Victor Kutsenko.
  • Mika Fukayama.

And many others.


Different viewers' opinions can be found aboutSamara Opera House. There are positive and negative reviews. Some viewers believe that the theater is beautiful, the performances are beautifully arranged, the scenery and costumes are very beautiful, the vocalists have beautiful voices, and the ballet dancers are wonderful dancers. Others are of the opinion that at a good level only operas are put here. Still others believe that, apart from the ballet, there is nothing to watch here. And there are those who believe that all the performances are at the level of amateur performance. But most of the public calls the troupe the pride of the city and advises everyone to visit the Opera and Ballet Theater (Saratov). Good places, according to viewers, are located in the center of the hall, rows from the 3rd to the 10th. It is clearly visible, audible and better perceived.

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