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Characteristics of Seva Mymrikov in the work of G. Kulikov

The problem of poor performance has existed sinceas the first schools appeared. Often, teachers superficially evaluate children who do not work well in the classroom and do not do homework. A vivid example of bias in relation to lagging schoolchildren is the characterization of Seva Mymrikov, the hero of the work of G. Kulikov.

Characteristics of Sevka Mymrikov

Who is Mymrikov?

Seva - a classic savagery and headacheteachers. Mymrikov does not do homework, does not participate in public activities, skips excursions. Even comrades in the pioneer group believe that it is useless to re-educate him. In the words of Vova Krasnopyorova expressed the characteristic of Sevka Mymrikov from the point of view of classmates - "helping him is like taking a sieve with water."

Seva hooligan at lessons, is not capable withouttips to answer the questions of the teacher. He - the only one of the characters, the disdain for which is visible even in the treatment by name. The chairman of the pioneer detachment decides in educational purposes to "attach" the honors pupil to the mate and hooligan Mymrikov. To the last page intrigue remains: who will win over whom to his side. Will Sevka correct or become his master?

Kostya Gorokhov

The complete opposite of Mymrikov is a quiet onean honors pupil who spends time on books. The only child carefully guarded by parents and grandmother. Kostya is a living encyclopedia, he can resolve the dispute about the authorship of the work or please the teacher with knowledge beyond the curriculum. It was he, as an excellent student and a pioneer, was instructed to seriously engage Mymrikov.

Kostya is the antipode of Sevka. And this gives special interest to their interaction. Gorokhov has to invent various tricks to find an approach to the idler, but he himself becomes a victim of his cunning. And at that moment, the character of Seva Mymrikov becomes deeper.

Kostya Gorokhov

The Iceberg Man

Like an iceberg, most of it is hidden under water,and in the dvennik Mymrikov, his main human qualities are invisible. The plot develops unexpectedly: the excellent Kostya is in the same team as Seva and they change places. Good hockey player Mymrikov helps the weak and unskillful player Gorokhov. However, even here the author is preparing a surprise. Becoming the captain of the team, Sevka manifests itself in all its glory. The hope to re-educate him becomes ghostly. The culmination is an episode in which Mymrikov substitutes Gorokhov, blaming him for his serious offense.

Despite the fact that the characteristic of Sevka Mymrikovit seems very clear, the plot makes another unexpected turn and it all ends well. The book by Geomar Georgievich reminds us that one can not judge people superficially and make hasty conclusions.

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