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About the great Russian artists: Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest"

Russian landscape artists have always been differenta special trembling attitude towards the native nature. Their paintings are full of tender admiration, subtle psychologism, the ability to convey the essence of national color. A worthy example of such skill is the work of II. Shishkina.

History of the painting

Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest"
Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest" wasexhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in 1889. It was the fruit of the joint creativity of Ivan Ivanovich and another famous artist - Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky, the author of genre works. More precisely, Savitsky entered only the figures of the bears. And although they turned out to be very lively, realistic, harmoniously blended into the general content, Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest" is still connected with this artist. Initially, both authors signed the canvas, but Tretyakov himself, who bought it, wiped Savitsky. He explained his action by the fact that both the design of the work, and the creative manner, style, skill - in all is felt exactly the hand of Ivan Ivanovich. In this regard, Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest" is an integral part of his heritage. And the very action of the work takes place in the Russian outback, in the vicinity of the Seliger Lake of the then Tver province. The island of Gorodomlya, standing here, attracted lovers of the virgin nature with its dense coniferous forests, in which hundred-year-old majestic pine trees stood proudly, different living creatures lived. In the late 90-ies of the 19 th century Ivan Ivanovich was there on sketches. Shishkin's painting "Morning in the Pine Forest", like the other canvas, which became his other calling card, "The Ship Grove", was later written on the basis of these walks.

The plot of the picture

Let's try to understand, and what, in fact,interesting work. What is the secret of such a huge popularity and universal recognition? Probably, first of all, Shishkin designed his "Morning in the Pine Forest" not as a standard landscape, but managed to perfectly express the state of nature, to convey her soul, her life. The forest in the painting is depicted in such a way that it seems that you can smell the needles, touch the rough bark of the tree, hear the rustle of the breeze and the crackling of the branches under the weight of the playing cubs, their happy content rumbling. The light dampness of the morning mist, the first timid warmth of the rays making their way through the trees, the depth of the ravine, the might of the pines - all this is so visibly, realistically, that we ourselves are there invisibly present. Therefore, when you contemplate "Morning in a Pine Forest", you want to describe the picture as if you are telling about objects that surround you, which you see with your own eyes. This proves the correctness of the statement about the creative method of the artist: "He was a convinced realist, passionately fond of and feeling nature."

Description of the picture

"Morning in the Pine Forest" description
The painting depicts the dense corner of the forest. In the center of it, at the broken storm of a pine three sports cubs frolic. Two climbed on the trunk protruding above the ground, the third is standing next to, on the fallen log. To this picturesque, full-dynamic group came the bear, strictly observing her progeny and threateningly snorting at the inappropriately ruffled kids. Full of traffic and the surrounding forest. In the depths of it, in the lowlands, the fog rolls. Sun rays cover the tops and branches of mighty pine trees with pink and gilding. The forest wakes up, filled with sounds, movement. His daily life begins. This created a canvas, which became one of the symbols of Russia.

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