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Works by Kuprin. Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich: list of works

Works by Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich, andAlso the life and work of this outstanding Russian prose writer are of interest to many readers. He was born in 188 in the town of Narovchate on August 26th.

His father almost immediately after his appearance on thethe light died of cholera. After a while, Kuprin's mother comes to Moscow. Arranges there daughters in state institutions, and also cares about the fate of his son. The role of the mother in the upbringing and education of Alexander Ivanovich can not be exaggerated.

Formation of the future prose writer

In the eightieth eightieth year AlexanderKuprin goes to the military gymnasium, which was later converted into a cadet corps. Eight years later he graduated from this institution and continues to develop his career in the military line. He did not have another option, since it was this one that allowed him to study at public expense.

works of kuprin

And after two years he graduated from the AlexanderMilitary school and was promoted to second lieutenant. This is a pretty serious officer's rank. And it's time for independent service. In general, the Russian army was the main career path for many Russian writers. Remember at least Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov or Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet.

Military career of the famous writer Alexander Kuprin

Those processes that occurred at the turn of the centuryin the army, later became the theme of many of the works of Alexander Ivanovich. In 1883, Kuprin made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Academy of the General Staff. There is an obvious parallel with his famous story "Duel", which will be mentioned a little later.

And in a year Alexander Ivanovich leaves inresignation, without losing contact with the army and without losing the array of life experiences that gave rise to many of his prose works. He, while still an officer, tries to write and from some time begins to publish.

the work of olesya kuprin

The first attempts at creativity, or several days in the punishment cell

The first published story of Alexander Ivanovich is called "The Last Debut." And for this his creation Kuprin spent two days in a punishment cell, because the officers were not supposed to appear in the press.

The writer has long lived an unsettled life. He does not seem to have a destiny. He constantly wanders, for many years, Alexander Ivanovich lives in the south, Ukraine or Little Russia, as they said. He visits a huge number of cities.

Kuprin prints a lot, gradually journalismbecomes his constant occupation. He knew the Russian south, like a few other writers. At the same time, Alexander Ivanovich begins to publish his essays, which immediately attracted the readers' attention. The writer tried himself in many genres.

Acquisition of fame in the readership

Of course, many of the creations that were createdKuprin, works, the list of which even an ordinary schoolboy knows. But the very first story, which made Alexander Ivanovich famous, is "Moloch". It was published in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six.

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The basis of this work is realdevelopments. Kuprin visited Donbass as a correspondent and got acquainted with the work of the Russian-Belgian joint-stock company. Industrialization and the rise of production, all that many public figures sought, turned out to be inhuman working conditions. This is the main idea of ​​the story "Moloch".

Alexander Kuprin. Works whose list is known to a wide range of readers

After a while,known today to virtually every Russian reader. These are "Pomegranate Bracelet", "Elephant", "Duel" and, of course, the story "Olesya". This work was published in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two in the newspaper "Kievlyanin". In it, Alexander Ivanovich very sharply changes the subject of the image.

They are no longer factories and technical aesthetics, but Volyn'sforests, folk legends, pictures of nature and customs of local people there. This is what the author puts into the work "Olesya". Kuprin wrote another work, which has no equal.

piece of kuprin pomegranate bracelet

The image of a girl from the forest, able to understand the language of nature

The main character is a girl, a forest dweller. She is like a sorceress who can command the forces of the surrounding nature. And the ability of a girl to hear and feel her language is at odds with church and religious ideology. Olesya is subjected to condemnation, attributed to her guilt in many troubles, which fall on neighbors.

And in this clash of a girl from the forest and peasants,located in the bosom of social life, which describes the work "Olesya", Kuprin used a kind of metaphor. In it there is a very important opposition between natural life and modern civilization. And for Alexander Ivanovich, this compilation is very typical.

Kuprin's next work, which has become popular

The work of Kuprin "Duel" became one of thethe most famous creations of the author. The action of the story is connected with the events of one thousand eight hundred and ninety-fourth year, when fights were restored in the Russian army, or dueling, as they were called in the past.

kuprin's work duel

In the early nineteenth century, for allthe complexity of the attitude of the authorities and people towards dueling, nevertheless there was some kind of chivalrous meaning, a guarantee of compliance with the norms of noble honor. And even then many fights had a tragic and monstrous outcome. At the end of the nineteenth century, this decision looked anachronistic. The Russian army was completely different.

And there is one more circumstance thatshould be mentioned, speaking of the story "Duel." It was published in 1919, when during the Russo-Japanese War the Russian army suffered one defeat after another.

This acted demoralizing on society. And in this context the work "Duel" caused fierce controversy in the press. Practically all of Kuprin's works caused a whole flurry of responses from both readers and critics. For example, the story "Yama", referring to the later period of the author's work. She not only became famous, but also shocked many contemporaries of Alexander Ivanovich.

Later works of the popular prose writer

The work of Kuprin "The Garnet Bracelet" isbright story of pure love. About how a simple servant named Zheltkov loved Princess Vera Nikolaevna, which was completely unattainable for him. He could not claim to marry, nor to any other relationship with her.

Kuprina elephant

However, suddenly after his death, Vera realizes thatpast her passed a real, genuine feeling that did not disappear in debauchery and did not dissolve in those terrible faults that separate people from each other in social obstacles that prevent different circles of society from communicating with each other and marry. This light story and many other works of Kuprin are read and today with unflagging attention.

Creativity of the prose writer dedicated to children

Alexander Ivanovich writes many stories forchildren. And these works of Kuprin are another side of the author's talent, and they must also be mentioned. Most of the stories he devoted to animals. For example, "Emerald", "White Poodle" or Kuprin's famous work "Elephant". The children's story of Alexander Ivanovich is a wonderful, important part of his heritage.

And today we can say with confidence thatthe great Russian prose writer Alexander Kuprin took his proper place in the history of Russian literature. His creations are not simply studied and read, they are loved by many readers and cause a great delight and awe.

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