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The film "Fantômas" and actor Jean Mare

Today we will talk about the film "Fantomas". The actor who embodied this character on the screen will be presented further. It's about the French adventure comedy in 1964 directed by Andre Yonebel. It is a parody of the works of Marcel Alain and Pierre Souvestre. The first part of the trilogy.


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Let's discuss the plot of the film Fantômas. Actor Jean Mare created the image of an elusive criminal who hides his face under a mask. To implement the plans, he applies a special trick. It's about clever masks, allowing to take the form of other people. Commissar Juve dreams of catching Fantomas. He claims this on television. The editor of the newspaper, entitled "Dawn", instructs journalist Fandor to write an article about Fantômas. The latter, with the help of the bride, Helen publishes a fictitious interview with an elusive criminal.

Main character

In the film "Fantômas" actor Jean Mare playedMain character. Let's talk more about it. Jean Mare is a French actor, stuntman, sculptor, artist, writer and director. He was born in 1913, on December 11, in Cherbourg. He played the heroic roles of brave and brave characters in adventure films. Being in excellent physical shape, independently performed various tricks - jumped from bridges, as well as from windows, ridden, fought on swords. The directors specially designed the frames so that the viewer could see that the actor does everything himself. He had a winning texture - muscular legs and arms, a harmonious powerful athletic build, a bold and courageous face, pronounced volitional features and a noble look. In the best roles he created images of adventurers or knights, people of invincible spirit. In addition to artistic talent, this man possessed abilities for poetry, painting and artistic sculpture. Pablo Picasso, seeing the early work of the actor, was surprised. He wondered how a person with such a talent as a sculptor can spend time working in the theater and filming a movie. In the Montmartre area in Paris, a monument was erected to Marcel Eme, a writer. The sculpture was created by his friend Jean Mare.

Other characters

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In the film "Fantômas" actor Louis de Funes playedCommissioner Juva. Milen Demongeau embodied the image of Helen. The actors of the film Fantômas, Jacques Dinam and Robert Dalban, were played by the inspector Michel Bertrand and the editor of the newspaper Rassvet.

Marie-Helene Arnault played Lady Beltam. Christian Tom appeared in the film as an inspector with a mustache. Bernard Musson played a policeman. Michelle Duplex performed the role of inspector Leon. Dominic Zardi played the bodyguard of Fantômas.

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