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Vernon Dursley and the actor who played it

About Harry Potter and his friends heard, probably, everyone. Many read the works of JK Rowling about a small wizard, even more people watched movies.

Vernon Dursley - the character of "Harry Potter" "

In the magical world, the author created manyinteresting characters. Some play an important role and push the story through their actions, while others are just intermediate characters that complement the picture of the fictional reality.

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Vernon Dursley clearly belongs to the first category and at the beginning of the first five books has a direct impact on Harry.

This full, grumpy man, like himI remember Potter's fans, he was an uncle, though not his own, a boy with a scar. Vernon Dursley was married to Harry's own aunt, who was the sister of his deceased mother. For 11 years, the Dursley family raised a boy.

Opposition to all magical

Happiness nephew was not at all a priorityfamily, as all attention, care and love were given to their own son, Dudley. Harry lived in a closet under the stairs, wore eyeglasses sealed with scotch and suffered the bullying of his brother.

Vernon Dursley - Muggle in the original sense of thiswords, he does not accept any deviations from the usual, normal way of life. About his family, almost nothing is known, but we can assume that he grew up in a wealthy family, since he studied at an elite school. In addition, he had an older sister, outwardly and in character very reminiscent of his brother.

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Vernon worked hard and hard, and eventually tooka leading position in one of the major firms of the city. He and his family have become prosperous people. The Dursleys actively rejected any abnormal manifestations in Harry during his growing up and just tried to correct him, punishing him for the slightest misconduct.

Vernon and his wife Petunia did not tryallow the sending of Harry to the school of magic Hogwarts, because of what even fled the city when the nephew began to receive letters from the school. The thing is that Uncle and Aunt Harry knew about the existence of another, magical world. Petunia's own sister, in her time, also received a letter and went to study at Hogwarts. Petunia at first envied her, and then persuaded herself and her husband, who told that these magicians are just charlatans and they do not belong among normal people.

Vernon Dursley fully supported his wife and believedhimself a law-abiding citizen, and his nephew - unworthy of his good location. Anyway, and Harry entered the school of sorcery and magic, and his dream to move from his family came true. At least for 9 months, as for the summer holidays he had to return home.

Family Relationships

Vernon loves his wife, with whom he has enougha big difference in age, and his only son - a successor of a glorious race. He is a decent family man, a homebody, trying to do everything for his family. But at the same time he is very limited and boring person.

Relations between family members and Harry werestrained. They worsened even more after Harry turned Vernon's sister, Marge, into an inflatable ball in the third book. After that Vernon drove him out of the house, although Harry himself was about to leave.

I must say that Vernon Dursley, like all hisfamily, was afraid of Potter as the boy grew up and periodically demonstrated magic skills. However, Harry Potter himself did not feel affection for these people.

Vernon Dursley - pretty colorful andmemorable character. Although he appears only on several pages of the book, he is able to set the necessary pace and mood for the first chapters and urge Harry to the actions necessary for the development of the plot.

The actor who played Uncle Harry Potter

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Few people really stopped their attentionon a plump man, sprinkling saliva, but everyone knows his name - Vernon Dursley. The actor who played it, whose name is Richard Griffiths, is very famous in Britain. The winner of many prestigious awards, he remembered young spectators first of all the role of Uncle Harry Potter.

The actor played in such films as "Naked Gun", "Sleepy Hollow", "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Unfortunately, in 2013 the actor died of complications after heart surgery.

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But the colorful character became very popular among the fans, and soon Vernon Dursley - mem appeared, and also the famous face was used in demotivators.

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