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The history of poker and its main types

Play, use strategy, use tactics and, of course, bluff, but never relax. After all, sometimes to understand that someone is sitting at the table better, it is possible, only having lost all to the last penny ...

The history of poker

Before talking about the history of poker, you needunderstand when and where there were card games. Some experts believe that the first deck of cards was created in China. Others argue that these were not cards, but banknotes. And still others talk about dominoes of paper. Of course, there is no confirmation of any of these versions, but it is known that playing cards began not one hundred years ago.

history of poker
After all, during their excavations, archaeologists oftenfind ancient maps with digital and graphic symbols on them. And on some cards there were only images, and on others only numbers. It turns out that modern maps are a hybrid of two ancient decks. And if the story of poker does not lie, then the first such deck, consisting of 52 cards, appeared in France.

Hint on poker

The oldest predecessor of poker isPersian game as us. It required five participants and a deck of 25 cards. By the way, then the structure of the deck was different. It consisted of cards of five suits, marked with five different colors.

The next game, more like poker, appearedin the year 1526. Italian and Spanish players called her Primero. According to the rules, each player received three cards. The winner was the one who had on hand to collect combinations of three or two cards of the same value or three suited.

poker game history
In the 17th century, another analogue of poker appeared in England- Breg. In Germany, it is known as Pohen, and in France as Poque. Probably, hence the name of the modern game. The player who won the highest combination of cards won. By the way, from that moment began the history of poker as a game for money. Now, the players have become much more cautious, and the fear of losing money often forced them to give up.

Strategies from the past

Poker is not just a thoughtless game. It requires strategic thinking and obeys certain laws of mathematics. To become a successful player, it would be nice to have knowledge in probability theory and be able to apply them.

history of poker
The history of the origin of the game poker in many respectsowes a great mathematician, philosopher and engineer of Italian descent Girolamo Cardano. And let him live until the very appearance of this fun, but the techniques that many now enjoy, were developed by this man. The fact is that in different periods of his life Cardano loved to play gambling, including in Primero. And he did well. Sometimes, he did not have to make a living, because all his expenses covered the winnings. After himself, he left the work "On gambling", in which he described all the strategies he had developed.

Types of Poker

In the twentieth century, poker became fastTo develop, gaining immense popularity among a large number of fans. And if at first it was a battlefield for scammers and thieves who gathered at the tables of restaurants, it later became a national American game. And the history of poker knows several types of it. And here are the most popular of them:

  • Texas Holdem. About him heard, probably, even those who are to this gamehas nothing to do with it. After all, this is the most popular form of poker, invented in Texas in the early twentieth century. First, players were dealt five cards, but because there were too many people at the table, their number was reduced to two. The cards are dealt "shirts" up, and then the "buy-in" consisting of five cards is displayed. They are common, i.e. everyone can use them to get a winning combination. The winner is the one who, after opening the last card of the "buy-in", will collect the highest combination.
  • Omaha. This name appeared not in honor of the AmericanThe city, since the birthplace of the game is Detroit. The popularity of this kind of poker spread rapidly throughout America, and then the whole world learned about it. The rules here are practically the same, but the number of cards received by the player is increased to four. To compose a combination, you can use only two of them, the other three cards are taken from the "buy-in".
  • Badugi. About him little is known, but now he is fastgain popularity. The word "badugi" in Korean means "a dog with a multi-colored coat". Local residents believe that the purity of the breed is confirmed by the presence of different colors. Rules Badugi offer to collect a winning combination of four cards. And they should have different colors and colors.
  • Poker razz. This kind of poker was invented in America inthe Civil War. True, he was more preferred in the confederate states. You can participate in the game no more than 8 people. Each player dials seven cards, but only five of the cards are collected. Ace here is the lowest card. It would be nice to have it in your hands, because this time the combination of the lowest cards wins.
  • Caribbean Poker. A species that is now popular in manycasino. Also it is called "Oasis poker". It is very popular in the Caribbean islands, hence the name. The task of the players is to get the highest combination of cards.

Poker. History of the game in cyberspace

The Internet has greatly helped the development of poker. For some, this is a convenient option, since you can play your favorite game at any time and from anywhere. And this is in the first place. Secondly, in cyberspace, you can compete against players from all over the world. Third, you can play without spending a single penny. All these advantages have forced many offline poker fans to switch to poker on the Internet.

story of the origin of the game of poker
The story of poker does not end there, it's a whole science, in which there is still something to learn. And while the game has so many fans, it will exist and develop.

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