/ Who is Arthur Bowen? All about the young actor

Who is Arthur Bowen? All about the young actor

Needless to say, but the story of Harry Potter and hisfriends know, probably, all modern children and not only. A few years ago the last book about the adventures of a boy was released, on which the film of the same name was shot. In it, the viewer first saw the children of Harry and Ginny. The role of one of the children was played by a small boy Arthur Bowen. About him and will be discussed in our article.

Who is Arthur Bowen?

Harry Potter, as we know, in the film ishis father, and Ginny Weasley - the mother. But this is the case in the shot, but what about the actor himself? Arthur Bowen is a young actor from England. It was he who played in the last part of the Harry Potter movie the son of the protagonist. So far in his filmography, only this movie.

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How did Arthur get the role of Albus Severus Potter?

As in the first film about a boy who wonVolan-de-Morta, casting agents decided to stop their choice exclusively on British children of the appropriate age. For this reason, they decided to arrange for an audition right in the school to pick up a child who fit the type.

His parents Arthur Bowen about listening is notsaid, fearing, perhaps, that he would be refused agents. About the fact that their son will be shot in the famous fairy tale about wizards, parents found out only when they received a letter. It said that Arthur Bowen was approved for the role of Harry Potter's son and invited to London to participate in the official casting. Just a few trips to the capital of England, a brief photo session with Daniel Radcliffe, and Arthur Bowen was finally confirmed for the role of the youngest son of Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.

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Reviews of film critics on the game Arthur Bowen

After the young actor played Harry's sonPotter, he received a huge number of positive reviews, not only from ordinary viewers, but also from film critics. In addition, Arthur Bowen has acquired a huge number of fans from around the world who are eager to find out what his next roles will be.

A few facts

Arthur Bowen - the actor is quite young, but alreadybudding. His hometown is Oxford (England, Oxfordshire). He loves football and plays for his school team. He also likes to study music. His free time is trying to spend with his family and, of course, friends. Favorite kind of sports games for the boy is football, and for this reason he is rooting for the team "Oxford United".

Born Arthur Bowen on the fourteenth of April 1998of the year. Nationality is British. The boy's eyes are blue, his hair is dark chestnut. Favorite character from the world of Harry Potter is, of course, Severus Snegg.

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A little bit about Albus Severus Potter

Albus Severus Potter was named after twothe greatest directors of Hogwarts. The first name he received in honor of Albus Dumbledore, who ran the school until the moment he was killed by Severus Snegg. Albus would not have received his second name, Severus, if Snape had not managed to convey his memories to Harry Potter. Perhaps, if this did not happen, then the story of the young wizard would not end so joyously.

In the film and the book there is only one scene, whereAlbus Severus Potter appears. It takes place on the platform "Nine and Three Quarters", when the boy first went to Hogwarts. In this scene, Albus, constantly incited by his brother James Sirius Potter, thinks about what will happen if he gets to the Slytherin faculty. The boy shares his experiences with his father. But Harry Potter comforts him as best he can, and tells Albus about his name and that Severus Snape, after whom he was named, was the bravest person Harry had ever known. On this scene with the participation of Arthur Bowen ends.

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