/ Who Said "Harry Potter"? Actors voice popular saga

Who said "Harry Potter"? Actors voice popular saga

A series of books about Harry Potter is a reala masterpiece of world literature, as on these books a whole generation has grown up. Naturally, no one doubted that this series is also filmed, and the result of this has surpassed all expectations.

It is unlikely that now there will be a person who does notwatched movies about Harry Potter. Moreover, most people watched them in Russian voice acting, so you probably had a question about who voiced Harry Potter and other characters of this saga. You know perfectly well that in the shootings there were involved both novice actors who grew into world stars by the end of the series, and already established celebrities. But who allowed Russian-speaking people to understand what is going on in the film? This is exactly what will be discussed in this article. You will learn who sounded Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, as well as many other characters of this wonderful fairy universe.

Harry Potter

who voiced harry potter

So, the first question to findanswer: "Who sounded Harry Potter?". It turns out that the main character of the saga had two actors of Russian-speaking voice acting. In the first film he was voiced by Alexey Elistratov, but for a number of reasons in the second film was replaced by Nikolai Bystrov. It was this actor of voice acting that became the voice of Potter, now familiar to all Russian-speaking viewers. Funny fact: he also voiced the opponent of Harry Draco Malfoy in the second film, but the role of Malfoy was then given to another actor, and Harry's voice remained for Nicholas. Since then, he managed to voice a lot of world blockbusters, such as "Slumdog Millionaire", "Woman in Black" and "Illusion of Deception". Now you know who sounded Harry Potter, so it's time to move on to other important characters.

Ron Weasley

who voiced Harry Potter in Russian

It's not enough to know only who announced HarryPotter in Russian, as in the film there is a huge number of other important characters. For example, Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley. There is one very interesting fact about the voice acting of this character. Listening to the sound of Ron's voice in the first two parts of the film, you hardly suspected that it was voiced by a woman. But this is really so - Olga Sirina voiced a little boy. However, the character grew and matured, so her voice for the third film was replaced. From that moment, Ron began to speak in a voice of another voice actor, Alexei Kostrichkin. Gradually, you will learn more about who said "Harry Potter" in Russian, but the trinity of the main characters still lacks one character.

Hermione Granger

 who voiced Harry Potter in Russian photo

This is the first time that one actress has voicedone character throughout the series. And in this case it pleases not only the answer to the question of who said "Harry Potter" in Russian, the photos of the actress also please the eye. The fact is that Hermione was voiced by Lina Ivanova. For the first time Lina took up voice acting for the film "Spy Kids", since that moment she has written down to her account a huge number of works. She voiced Eliza in the French masterpiece "1 + 1", also her voice was spoken by a teenage superheroine from "Deadpool", she voiced Latika in "Slumdog Millionaire". The actress herself admits that for all the time the series about Harry Potter was very much used to Hermione and found in itself very much in common with her.


 who voiced harry potter actor

Well, now you know who sounded the whole maintrinity series, and not only who voiced Harry Potter. Actors in some cases change, in some they remain the same. This may depend on many factors that are not always publicly publicized. As for the other characters, it is worth separately singling out, for example, Dumbledore, the voice of which went to Vsevolod Abdulov. In the second part, the voice actor changed, and the main magician spoke in the voice of Andrei Yaroslavtsev. And only to the third film Angus got a permanent Russian voice. It began to sound Vasily Bochkarev, who still retained this right until the end of the series.


By now you can start trackingtrend. Male characters changed their voice acting as due to the growth of characters, and because of other factors. As for women, this trend is no longer traceable. Hermione spoke with Lina Ivanova's voice throughout all the films, the same can be said of another sorceress teaching at Hogwarts School.

Professor McGonagall from the very first filmhad the voice of Lyudmila Ilyina. She also participated in the voice acting of such masterpieces of cinema as "The List of Schindler", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Pianist". Naturally, these are only the most popular of her works. Over the course of her career she has already voiced almost four hundred films. It would seem that a hundred or more works in the piggy bank of young Lina Ivanova is an impressive result, but if you look at what Ilyina achieved, you can understand how much voice acting is still ahead of Lina. If you are interested, Ilyina's voice can also be heard in the films "Alien", "Interview with the Vampire", "Lie to the bottom in Bruges", "Pretty Woman" and many others. She works in the voice acting from the distant 1979 and so far she is not going to stop.

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