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"Barbos and Rings": a brief summary. Theme of friendship in the story

A.I. Kuprin was a sympathetic and kind person whose work was imbued with love for the Motherland, admiration for the common people. The writer liked to observe the habits of birds and animals, so in his work there are works dedicated to them. Below is a summary of "Barbosa and Rats." We wish you pleasant reading!

Kuprin Barbosa and Rumble

Description of a domestic dog

The summary of "Barbosa and Roofs" followsbegin with the fact that the author gives a description of the appearance and characteristics of dogs. They were complete opposites. The Barbos was a street dog, cocky, brave. He had a neglected appearance: a coat that never lay flat, long with coils that did not yield to any comb.

He often got into fights, as it was supposedstreet dog, because of what on his ears were constant wounds and bites. In addition to being mean, Barbos, like all yard dogs, had an independent and loyal character.

Acquaintance with a modest dog

Continue the summary of "Barbosa and Ravens"follows the description of another dog, which was the complete opposite of a domestic dog. Her name was Zhulka and her owner was a pensioner. She was from the category of those little dogs that usually live with bureaucrats.

Zhulka was polite and a little shy. It was a mistake to assume that she was constantly in favor of the master. Her delicacy was manifested in the fact that she never begged. She could even share with other dogs. Zhul'ka was confidently called the doggy dog, who never walked farther than the yard.

Barbos and Rings

Incident with a mad dog

In the summary of "Barbosa and Zhulka" the mainattention should be given to an event that allows you to look differently at the main characters of the story. One day a mad dog ran into the courtyard. The Barbos, who usually always defended his territory, decided that he did not need to contact the uninvited guest.

Do not blame the domestic dog for cowardice: another dog could have infected him with biting, and Barbos understood it. Of course, his task, as a guard of the court, was to drive out the stranger, but at the same time, he developed an instinct for self-preservation. And suddenly this polite little dog runs out, which bravely rushed to an unfamiliar dog.

In the short content of the story "Barbos and Rascal"it should be noted that they just collided at great speed. No brave little dog bitten. But from a strong push, Zhulka fell and rolled on the ground. A rabid animal ran out into the street.

a short summary of the story of Barbosa and Zhulka

Consequences of the collision

In the summary of Kuprin's story "Barbos andZhulka "it should be noted that people inspected the brave dog, but no damage was found. But the pressure of forces to commit a heroic deed undermined Zhuchka's health. It melted in my eyes. The beetle changed beyond recognition: it could lie all day in one place, and then abruptly break from the spot and escape. The dog refused food and did not respond when her name was.

She was so weak that she could not get up fromof the earth. Therefore, her master ordered to take Zhulka to the barn, so that she could safely leave. As soon as she was locked, Barbosa ran to the door of the barn and started whimpering and begging to be let in. The children persuaded him to let him in because they realized that he wanted to say goodbye.

The farewell of the dogs was touching, and when Barbosathey called back, he lay down by the door. He no longer howled, only occasionally sniffed. But after a few hours, Barboz began to howl so violently that the coachman had to open the doors and people saw that Zhulka was gone. War of Barbosa - it was crying, his farewell to the brave dog.

Theme of friendship in the story

In summary "Barbosa and Furrows" Kuprin can talk about the main topicworks. This is the theme of the tender friendship of two dogs. After reading the description of Barbosa and Zhulka, the reader understands that they are complete opposites and can not be on friendly terms. Because the education of a street dog and a dog was different.

a summary of the story of Kuprin Barboz and Zhulka

Perhaps Barbos liked Shy's shyness,and for her he was a real protector. And, running out to meet a mad dog, she wanted not only to drive her out of the yard, but also to protect her friend. The way Barbos was worried about Julia, and then, when he said goodbye to her, was so touching that even adults were touched by this farewell.

The story of such two different dogs shows,that it is not at all necessary to be similar, sometimes in opposites one can find what is lacking in your character. The author managed to show that not only people can feel, but animals can experience the same emotions as people. The friendship between Barbosa and Zhulka shows that dogs can be loyal friends, support each other in difficult times.

This story is evidence that Kuprinloved to watch animals and see them as living beings, something resembling people. Therefore, this work turned out to be touching and sincere and makes us think about the importance of friendship in life.

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