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The theme of love in the work of Ivan Bunin

The problem of deep human feelings is very importantfor the writer, especially for the one who delicately feels and brightly experiences. Therefore, the theme of love in Bunin's work plays a significant role. To it he devoted many pages of his creations. The true feeling and eternal beauty of nature are often consonant and equivalent in the writer's works. The theme of love in Bunin's work goes next to the theme of death. Strong feelings are not only joyful, they often disappoint a person, cause torment and anguish, which can lead to deep depression and even death.

the theme of love in the creation of bunin

The theme of love in Bunin's work is often associated withthe theme of betrayal, because death for a writer is not only a physical condition, but also a psychological category. He who betrayed his or others' strong feelings, died for them forever, although he continues to drag on his miserable physical existence. Life without love is fresh and uninteresting. But not every person is able to test it, as not everyone passes the test by it.

An example of how the theme of love expressed in Bunin's work is the story "The Sunstroke" (1925).

It was the solar stroke that reminded me of my strengtha feeling that gripped the lieutenant and a small tanned woman on the deck of the steamer. He suddenly invited her to go to the nearest pier. They went ashore together.

To describe the passionate feelings that experiencedheroes at a meeting, the author uses the following epithets: "impetuously", "frenziedly"; verbs: "rushed", "suffocated". The narrator explains that their feelings were also strong from the fact that the heroes never experienced such a thing in their life. That is, feelings are endowed with exclusivity and uniqueness.

the problem of love

A joint morning at the hotel is as follows: sunny, hot, happy. This happiness is shone with a bell ringing, animated by a bright bazaar on the hotel area with a variety of smells: hay, tar, sophisticated croquetiness of the Russian county town. Portrait of the heroine: a small, stranger, like a seventeen-year-old girl (you can roughly designate the age of the heroine - about thirty). She is not inclined to embarrassment, cheerful, simple and reasonable.

She tells the lieutenant about the eclipse, the blow. The hero does not yet understand her words, the "blow" has not yet manifested its effect on him. He escorts her and returns still "carefree and easy" to the hotel, as the author says, but in his mood something is already changing.

To gradually increase anxietythe description of the room is used: it is empty, not such, strange, a cup of tea not dosed by it. The sensation of loss is reinforced by the still-smelling smell of her English cologne. The verbs describe the growing excitement of the lieutenant: the heart has tightened with tenderness, hastens to smoke, claps a stack over the bootlegs, walks back and forth across the room, the phrase about a strange adventure, tears in his eyes.

works of bunin

Feelings grow, require exit. The hero needs to be fenced off from their source. He closes the unclean bed with a screen, closes the windows, so that he does not hear the noise of the bazaar, which he at first liked so much. And suddenly he wanted to come to the city where she lives, but realizing that it was impossible, he felt the pain, terror, despair and total uselessness of his further life without her.

The problem of love is most clearly expressed in fortythe stories of the cycle about the dark alleys that make up the whole encyclopedia of feelings. They reflect their diversity, occupying the writer. Of course, the pages of the cycle are more common tragedy. But the author praises the harmony of love, the fusion, the inseparability of the male and female beginnings. As a true poet, the author is constantly looking for her, but, unfortunately, does not always find it.

Bunin's works on love reveal him to usA nontrivial approach to their description. He listens to the sounds of love, peers at her images, guesses the silhouettes, trying to recreate the fullness and gamut of the complex nuances of the relationship between a man and a woman.

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