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Painted poker: rules, features and recommendations

Painted poker stores quite an ancient anda rich history that dates back to the Soviet Union. At that time this kind of poker game was called differently: Odessa, Georgian, podkidnoy and children's poker. The names are explained, "painted" means that one member of the group writes down the stakes and scores of all the participants in the game, since it is very difficult to remember this in the mind.

The history of painted poker

In the USSR this game was very popular throughout thecountry. This kind of game from afar resembles a preference. But to simple poker has absolutely no relation painted poker. His rules differ from other poker games. It was played by almost all people: both ordinary workers and harsh bosses.

painted poker rules

There were even unofficial competitions for thismind game, with the winners and prizes. After there was a moment of calm, during this time the game had forgotten. The next stage of its development started already in modern Russia, it was revived. Now you can play it in the electronic version.

Some experts who examined the paintedpoker, rules it, assumed that the base of it is taken from another game called Up and Down. But in reality it turns out that this kind of influenced preference and "Thousand". Today, there is no difficulty in playing in the painted poker online on the Internet or on a mobile application. Also this game can be downloaded for free on special resources. The installation and download process is not complex, it can be done by every user. Simply follow the prompts on the screen of your monitor, and soon you will be able to plunge into your favorite game.

Painted Poker: Rules

What good is this purely Russian fun? First of all, the rules of the game in painted poker are very simple, understandable, easy to remember. In this game, you can use a deck of 36 cards and a deck of 54 cards - it depends on how the participants want. But if your choice fell on a deck of 36 cards, then a joker is definitely appointed. Often they are the seven of them. In the game, the optimal number of participants is 4-5, but at the request of the table can fit up to 10 participants.

rules of the game in painted poker

The rules of painted poker at 36 providebefore the first distribution, first of all, to clarify the conditions of the game: the distribution plan, the conditions for using the joker, trump cards, the nuances of counting and so on. The cards are dealt in a clockwise direction, and the player who handed them out is the last one.

Before you start playing, a table is created in which the current points of participants will be recorded. The general column is divided into two parts: the number of points ordered and earned.


The rules of the game in dominoes - painted poker has this kind - it's also quite simple.

Its goal is that all players take turns throwing5 bones, thereby trying to collect the necessary combination and a set of necessary denominations. The order of participation of players must be determined before the start of the game. For this, they throw the bones and, depending on what number falls, sit down at the table. A participant who has a number more than the others, runs the game first, and so on, as the number decreases. To win, the player needs to score the highest number of points, the calculation of which is done in the final of the game. The end is determined by the poker table - as soon as one of the participants has all the columns filled, the game ends.

Painted poker: rules of the game for 36 cards

You need a 36 card deck for the game. In addition, you need to prepare a sheet of paper in advance and draw a tablet on it, you will make earned points in each round.

rules of painted poker at 36

  • At the start of the game, a dealer is appointed - it changes byhour hand. After this, the first betting round begins, and players are given the first card. At the second stage, 2 cards are scattered, on the third - 3, everything depends on the number of players. After these manipulations the distribution is carried out in the reverse order, in descending order - 4, 3, 2, 1.
  • In this game, the advantages of cards do not differ fromothers. The senior is an ace, the youngest is 6. A trump can beat any card, and a joker is a trump. It is important to remember that the participants make moves to suit. For example, if an opponent came in with a nine of diamonds, then you also have to go with a tambourine - drop or beat. If there is no card of this suit, beat it.
  • Scoring:
  1. If bribes coincide with those ordered - 10 points.
  2. Bust - 1 point for an extra bribe.
  3. Shortage - minus 10 points for an unhandled bribe.
  4. If no bribes are ordered - plus five points.
  • Next is the evaluation of their cards, the players designate,what a number of bribes they wish to order. The largest number of them should not be more than the number of cards. When the order of bribes is carried out, the player sitting to the left of the dealer should walk first.
  • In this type of poker, the player wins,which collects the required number of points first. As you can see, this game is very exciting, easy and gambling. It allows you to have a great and fun time in the company of friends.

Joker and his advantage
Painted poker game rules for 36 cards

  • If the competitor enters the joker, he may ask the opponents to drop the "senior trumps". This means that everyone needs to throw off the top trump cards. The bribe is won by the joker.
  • Possibility to bet on older tambourines or other suits. Opponents will have to play with higher cards of the indicated suit. If it does not exist, then a trump is issued.
  • Playing on a low card helps to dropjoker. This bribe is taken away by the poker player who interrupted the opponent's turn with the highest card or trump card. In this case, the joker can be a regular card and play it.

Helpful Tips

In the game of painted poker, the rules may differ from the standard ones, because participants can discuss all the points on which they will be comfortable playing.

rules of the game in dominoes painted poker

In addition, there are several varieties of painted poker - Georgian, with circular trump cards. But these kinds of play are rare, they do not enjoy such popularity, as usual.

What is the peculiarity of painted poker?

This view is quite interesting and unusual, hereonly you can hardly participate in poker tournaments and competitions on the painted version. Therefore, the maximum that you are able to do, is to play it just for fun with your friends, colleagues or try to play online games. Cards in your hands and good luck at the table!

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