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Dmitry Pevtsov: the filmography of the actor

One of the most famous actors of the Russiancinematography is Dmitry Pevtsov. The filmography of the actor includes more than thirty roles in feature films and almost as many in television series. The most vivid works of Pevtsov in the cinema are the topic of the article.


short biography

Dmitry Pevtsov was born in Moscow. His father was a well-deserved trainer. Mother - a doctor. But Dmitry did not follow in the footsteps of his parents, but decided after finishing school to enter GITIS. As you know, he was accepted into the institute of theatrical art.

Personal life

After graduating from high school, Dmitry Pevtsov lived ina civil marriage with Larissa Blazhko. One of the reasons for the gap is the acquaintance of the hero of this article with a woman whose marriage has lasted almost twenty years. The filmography of Pevtsov and Drozdova is more than twenty joint films. Spouses rarely take part in filming a particular film separately. However, the film debut of our hero took place in 1986. Actor's career began with participation in the film "The End of the World with a subsequent symposium" Dmitry Pevtsov.


Three years after his debut in the moviethe young actor played Yakov Somov in the film adaptation of Gorky's novel. In the period 1990-1992 he took part in the filming of seven films. In those years Dmitri Pevtsov was one of the most popular actors of Russian cinema. His filmography was replenished with work in the adaptation of Dostoevsky's work The Possessed, with the picture "I hope for you". In the nineties, the actor, unlike many of his colleagues, was quite in demand. Thanks to what films in this period, remembered the audience, Dmitry Pevtsov? His filmography includes such pictures as "Thin Thing", "Contract with Death". But the real popularity for this artist came after the release of the screens of "Banditsky Petersburg".

In the shooting of more than twenty serials, actor Dmitry Pevtsov took part. The filmography of the artist includes the following multi-series films:

  1. Countess de Monsoro.
  2. "Request stop".
  3. "In the first circle."
  4. "The death of the empire."
  5. "Attempted".
  6. "Dostoevsky".
  7. "Lecturer".
  8. "The Angel in the Heart."

I should say a few words about the mostpopular TV series, in which the actor was shot. Singers, whose filmography has more than sixty roles, in the past decade has been involved in the filming of almost every popular Russian multi-series film.

the filmography of the singer and thrush

"Request stop"

This picture is one of the few in which DmitrySingers appeared in front of the audience in an unusual role for themselves. In the "Stop on Demand", the actor does not play a brutal and determined man, but a quiet intellectual living on a salary. But one day on a life journey he meets a woman who is the complete opposite of a spouse. Between them a novel is fastened. The role of the beloved hero Pevtsov is played by Olga Drozdova.

"In the first circle"

In 2006, the series was released on the novel by A. Solzhenitsyn. The book takes place in the late forties of the last century. There are two storylines. One of them tells of the sad history of the Soviet diplomat Volodin. This hero is a representative of the intelligentsia. Solzhenitsyn's novel begins with the moment when Volodin calls the US embassy and reports that the Soviet intelligence officer received information about the development of the atomic bomb. This character causes a lot of controversy among readers and viewers. After all, Volodin commits a betrayal, despite the fact that Solzhenitsyn's book is depicted rather as a positive hero. A complex and contradictory image of this literary hero on the screen was embodied by Dmitry Pevtsov.

actor of singers

In 2012, the actor starred in the series "Angel in the Heart". Hero of Pevtsov in his youth played his son Daniil.

Among the latest paintings, in which the actor was involved, - "About Love", "Guys and Women", "The Point of Explosion", "16 days", "Ship".

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