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"Wait for me": are they looking for me? How to find out who is looking for me?

"Wait for me" can be considered without exaggerationof the best television programs of our time. Its name is inspired by the poem of Konstantin Simonov, in which he writes about faithful and faithful expectation. You will surely remember it. This poem is about the most important: you can never lose hope, whatever happens. It is necessary to believe until the last and not give up under any circumstances. This great hymn to Nadezhda, sung by a soldier, still inspires us, gives us strength.

The program of the same name

How many souls are invested in these two words: "Wait for me" ... Are they looking for me - this is the main question that many people are asking.

wait for me if they are looking for me
Therefore, we return to the program of the same name. What about her? This telecast caused many people to cry while sitting by the screen. Each story touches the depths of the soul, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent. In front of the audience, a real drama unfolds, not a fictitious one, but a real one. The realization that all this is happening actually has a strong impact on people.

Not entertainment, but a useful business

"Wait for me" stands out among the numerous emptyand stupid shows, this program is really useful. It was created not for entertainment, but for real help to people. Just think: for the entire history of the program, several thousand people have been found. Yes from such a number of found it would be possible to create a separate city and call it "Abode of Happy People". Just imagine these joyful families who managed to reunite. Fathers and sons, grandmothers, grandfathers and grandchildren, second cousins, nephews, lovers - they are all grateful to the program for the happiness given to them.

Success and popularity

The telecast has really won huge success, and high ratings are far from being the main indicator.

do I look for an official website
Best testifies to universal recognitionthat a huge number of people turn to "Wait for me". "Are they looking for me?" They ask the staff of the program. How happy are many to learn that they are once sought after by their dear people ...

Impressive figures

Throughout the history of the project's existence in the editorial officeOver 250,000 letters came with pleading for help in the search for relatives and relatives. And such a large number of appeals is not surprising, because many citizens of our country were lost because of the collapse of the USSR, wars, interethnic conflicts, links and other historical events. Currently, there are also many reasons for separating people. But there are indifferent citizens who are ready to help in the search and provide support.

Computer database, newspaper and kiosk

At present, the project is nothas an analogue electronic database, created specifically to search for missing persons. The resource poisk.vid.ru brought together people from Russia, as well as countries of the far and near abroad: they are all ready to help.

how to find me looking for
Every day there are more and more volunteers,now their number has already exceeded 500. There is also the newspaper "Wait for me". "Are they looking for me?" Many people ask themselves and look into this publication to find out. In the newspaper you can see a lot of notes about the search. Not everyone knows that there is a kiosk at the Kazan station in the capital, where you can turn to apply for a search or ask for help, which will be rendered urgently.

A telecast can be considered a symbolrestoration of broken ties. It is carried out through television, the Internet and printed publications. People first ask themselves the question: "How do I know if they are looking for me?", And then quite by chance they receive an answer from some source.

Prevalence in the provinces

Thanks to the existing electronic database, the project "Waitme "has penetrated many provincial towns and villages: local television programs, radio stations and newspapers disseminate information about the missing.

is someone looking for me
This fact can not but rejoice, because in the backwoods people are often lost too.

How to use the search on the site?

From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatthe project "Wait for me" is the most successful and useful program from all available on our television. It helps to be found even by those who are lost twenty, and even thirty years ago. But the program, unfortunately, is rather short, and all those who wish to air will simply not fit. To whom should the question "Are they looking for me?". The official website will give you the answer to it. Just go to the address poisk.vid.ru - this is the most simple and effective way to search.

After clicking on this link you will see a search line in the upper right with the inscription: "Are you looking for?" Write your name and surname into it. Then click the magnifying glass icon.

Advanced Search

If no query is found, refer to the advanced search. He will open himself before you, if in the ordinary there is nothing.

check if I'm looking for
The resource offers several versions of the extendedsearch. For example, you can simply enter the application number in the window (but this is unlikely to be possible, since you are not even aware of whether it was created or not). The most optimal is the second version. Ask yourself: "Does anyone look for me?" You can easily check it. You will need to enter a first and last name in separate windows (for a reason the line is not provided for), specify the gender and date of birth, and then mark how you want to sort the data obtained - by last name or by the date when the application was submitted.

The third version is quite interesting - manIt searches for stories that have been broadcast on television. It should be noted at what time period the program was supposedly shown with a mention of your person. It is required to enter the date and time of the beginning and the end of the telecast, and then to select from the list the state where it was broadcast.

do they search for me on the Internet
No more need to rack your brains and ask yourselfthe idle question: "Are you looking for me on the Internet?" Now you can easily verify it. The list contains several countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China and Armenia.

How to apply?

If you have tried all versions of the search, but sohave not achieved the result, then, most likely, no one is looking for you. "How else can I check whether they are looking for me?" You ask. Unfortunately, no more. But you can always make your own application to find your friend, friend, relative. You just need to go through a simple registration procedure and write everything you know about this person. Who knows, maybe it will be found very soon, and your friendship will resume. However, often people find their loved ones for years without result. Over time, many even forget about the applications submitted and lose hope. The more unexpected and touching the meeting. On the program, you can observe how such people literally cry with happiness. And all this thanks to volunteers and the "Wait for Me" program. "Are they looking for me?" Many people speculate, but for some reason they do not rush to address television or go to the site. More courageous! Do not waste time on empty thinking, start acting.

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