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Edward Tosunidi - a young actor in movies and musicals

Every year, new ones appear on the stage of the theater and cinemastars. Among them, one can mention such a remarkable artist as Edward Tosunidi. The actor with excellent external data, incredible talent won the hearts of many spectators.

Short biography of Edward Tosunidi

Edward Tosunidi was born on November 3, 1987 in the city of Moscow.

He studied at the GITIS at the faculty of acting.

Further he studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art. There he was educated at the faculty of pop jazz performance. Participated in the international vocal competition, where he became a laureate of the first degree.

A handsome, pleasant young man has subdued audiences with professional singing and virtuosic play on such instruments as bass guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion instruments, pianos.

Edward Tosunidi
Edward Tosunidi himself writes songs for his ownperformance. Themes choose different. For example, the song "The Road to Nowhere" tells that many in the modern world can not do without the Internet and social networks. The song "The Game of Reason" tells that the human consciousness should be free.

According to his author's songs, one can understand that he is very much concerned about the fate of today's youth, the relationship between a man and a woman, the fate of Russia entirely.

Edward Tosunidi is also remarkable for singing in ten languages. Styles of songs are diverse, which allows him to have admirers of different ages and estates.

Edward Tosunidi: Filmography

In addition to performing songs, Tosunidi from 2006 to2015 was shot in the well-known TV series "Univer. The new hostel "(in the role of Viti-gay)," The Fortuneteller "," The Doctors' Deed "," The Blind "," The Chronicles of the Pawnshop "," The Prosecutor's Check "," Interns "and in the comedy show" Nasha Rasha ".

Edward Tosunidi Filmography
Despite the fact that the roles are not the main ones, Edward showed real acting skills. Therefore, many filmmakers gladly invite him to appear in their films.

Also Edward is very enthusiastic in various theatrical productions. For example, in the play based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" and others.

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