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How to draw Harry Potter and his friends: a guide for real fans

There are few people who have not looked and read about Harry Potter. Anyway, the story of the wizard boy and his friends is known to everyone.

Learn how to draw Harry Potter,very simple. It is necessary only to know the basic rules for building the head, body and be attentive to the features of the face. A competent drawing is always pleasing to the eye and is liked by everyone.

How to start drawing?

The first step is to arrange the characters on the sheet. Layout - this is an approximate designation, where there will be figures in the composition. Important: the head of the heroes should not reach the edge of the sheet, just like their legs!

Leave from the edges of the sheet on all sides about the same distance, equal to two fingers.

To think up poses for characters is also entertaininga business. If nothing comes to the head, you can use the reference (photos of people in different positions). Redrawing the anatomy from the photo is much easier for beginners than trying to figure it out yourself and draw right the first time.

Reference can also be used for drawing emotions, studying the face in drawing.

how to draw harry potter

Asking the question of how to draw a portrait,people often want to make a drawing similar to nature. However, the complexity is not in this, but in building a person - anatomy. It is very important to depict the face believably, observing the rules and prospects.

Draw an oval and a neck from it. At this stage it is worth to measure the proportions. This is done as follows: at the distance of the outstretched hand to the photo, measure the piece on the pencil (from the edge of the pencil), which occupies the nose. Make a notch. Then measure your eyes and see how much the size of the nose is occupied by the eyes. You can also measure the width of the face to the width between the eyes. Constant comparisons will help to better depict nature.

When all measurements are done, transfer them topaper. Be sure to check everything in the process and do not press hard on the pencil. This will eliminate the difficulties in correcting errors. Eyes can be designated as stretched in the width of the ovals, the nose - like an elongated triangle, and the ears and lips - like circles. If the proportions are met correctly, proceed to the next step.

How to draw Harry Potter: study details

Having outlined the main features of the face, you can start themto detail. Step by step refine the lines of cheeks, cheekbones. Be attentive to the shape of the lips and curved nose. The expression of the eyes depends on the rotation of the eyebrows: you can make the character gloomy, merry or sad. If you draw a glare in the eyes of the characters, it will give them expressiveness and romance.

how to draw a portrait

Harry Potter

The main attributes of this character - a scar in the form of lightning on the forehead and round glasses. Harry's eyes are green, his hair is dark. You can also draw a broom of a hero or his owl on his shoulder - Buckle.


Describing how to draw Harry Potter and hisfriends, it's impossible not to mention Hermione. Drawing it, be sure to represent a shock of thick hair. You can draw a different structure of hair - wire or even. The front locks are painted in more detail than the rest. Do not make ringlets of the same shape. The direction of the hair depends on the wind. If it does not exist, gravity will act on the hair. Hair color can also vary from lighting. In them, you can add reflexes from the environment, this is a good step that will bring the character to the background.

Ron Weasley

This character is distinguished by rough features, big nose and small eyes. If you draw with colored pencils, make his hair a fiery red, then the hero will be more recognizable.

how to draw harry potter and his friends

Clothes heroes

Thinking about how to draw Harry Potter,take care of how the characters will be dressed. You can put them in the usual clothes of Muggles, it will bring the heroes together with the real world. Another option - more colorful, you can draw Harry Potter and his friends in the robes of the school Hogwarts. Ron and Harry can be portrayed in a form for Quidditch.

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