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"Garnet bracelet" - the story of the creation of the story of A. Kuprin

AI Kuprin is rightfully considered one of the best writers-realists who created at the turn of the 19-20 centuries.
One of his favorite themes is love, oftentragic, but able to rise above the ordinary and vulgarity of everyday life. The works of the writer "Sulamith", "Olesya", "Pomegranate Bracelet" are imbued with extraordinary lyricism.

garnet bracelet creation history

History of story creation

A long time A. Kuprin was friendly with the Lyubimov family, who held a high position in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was the second city that became the scene of the story, which the heroine's son described as anecdotal, and the writer used it as a basis when he wrote the work "Pomegranate Bracelet". In 1910, under the pen of a talented writer, she turned into the plot of one of the most "fragrant" (the definition of K. Paustovsky) works of love.

How was everything in reality?

garnet bracelet creation

In the book "In a foreign country" L. Lyubimov tells of a love (or a painful passion - in the family, the telegraphist was considered a maniac) of a simple Yellow official to Lyudmila Ivanovna Tugan-Baranovskaya, his mother. For two or three years he sent her anonymous letters filled with a confession of love, then a grunt. The reluctance to open his name was explained by a different social situation and an understanding of the impossibility of any kind of relations between them. My mother, according to Lyubimov, soon stopped reading these messages, and only grandmother laughed every morning, getting acquainted with the new letter. Perhaps all would end, but once the telegraphist in love sent a gift - a garnet bracelet. The creation of a situation that could be regarded as compromising was the last straw: Lyudmila Ivanovna's brother and fiance went to the Yellow Home - it was a poor attic on the 6th floor - and found him writing the next message. The telegraph operator was returned a bracelet and asked not to remind him of himself any more. The fate of Yellow in the Lyubimov family did not hear anything else. So ended the real story. A. Kuprin reinterpreted it and included in the story "Pomegranate Bracelet", adding to his version of the ending.

The whole point in the final

This is how L. considered. Lyubimov, assessing the role of real events in the creation of a work of art. A. Kuprin thought of the incident with Lyudmila Ivanovna. In his story, Zheltkov, a poor telegraphist, writes to Vera Nikolaevna, the main heroine, a farewell letter, and leaves her life. Upon learning of his death, VN Shein goes to his apartment, wishing to look at the now dead secret admirer, and then fulfills Zheltkov's last wish - he listens to Beethoven's 2 sonata. At this moment, it comes to her awareness of how pure, disinterested and hopeless this love was. Thus ends the "Pomegranate Bracelet", the history of creation of which has become a creative reinterpretation of the usual phenomenon in people's lives.

garnet bracelet

The role of the epigraph in the story

The appearance of Beethoven's 2 sonatas in the story is notis an accident. The fact is that in 1910 A. Kuprin, who lived for a time in Odessa, often visited the Maizels family, where he heard this musical work. His impression was so strong that after returning home the writer decides to write about the bright and pure feeling that the poor official felt for a noble lady. The first step was the phrase: "L. van Beethoven. 2 Son. (op. 2, No. 2). Largo Appassionato ", recorded on a sheet of paper and then served as an epigraph to the story of the telegraphist's love.

Beethoven's sonata begins with the narrativeThe same ends, giving the product a compositional completeness. As a result, Kuprin in the finals formed a single trio. Great music that can awaken a person's drowsy feelings and make a new look at the world. True love, which does not require anything in return and therefore exists forever. Death, exalting man, capable of sacrificing himself for the welfare of another.

Thus, the "Garnet Bracelet" is the story of the creation of one great work - a literary one - under the influence of another - real music.

The meaning of the name

No less important role in the awakening of the heroine played andpresented to her by Zheltkov's bracelet. Gruvovaty and rustic at first glance, he concealed a great mystery. Since ancient times, there are legends that garnet, a very rare and amazing stone, can bring happiness to the owner. Presented as a gift, he often played the role of an amulet. And in the story of A. Kuprin, this family relic also wore his master with a gift of foresight. It can be assumed that along with the bracelet, Yoltkov wanted to convey to his beloved a piece of his pure and holy soul that would protect her for the rest of her life.

love in a pomegranate bracelet

The realization of spiritual wealth before someone else'sand the understanding that the most important thing in life passed by, comes to Vera Nikolaevna after the death of the hero. His experiences and actions made the society lady look at herself and the world around in a new way. So love in the "Pomegranate bracelet", even if unrequited and tragic, awakens the soul of a person, fills it with new emotions and feelings.

Hymn of selfless love

A. Kuprin confessed that "... nothing more chaste ..." than "Garnet Bracelet", in his life did not write. He does not give moral assessments in the story and does not try to look for the right and the guilty in the incident. The author simply narrates about the bright and at the same time sad experiences of the heroes at a time when people, according to Anosov, "forgot how to love." During the conversation, the general notes: "Love should be a tragedy." Maybe because true love is actually found in life very rarely and is available to units. Zheltkov, who never understood anyone, leaves his life, but he leaves an ancient garnet bracelet as a memory of himself and as a symbol of sincere, beautiful feelings.

story garnet bracelet

The story's story is amazing. Having beaten the usual life situation, A. Kuprin was able to show that true love - this is the basis of all life on earth.

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