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What is the name of Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe

All fans of creativity Joan Rowling know,as they call Harry Potter. The actor, who played the role of a young wizard, bears the name of Daniel Jacob Radcliffe. He was born in 1989, on July 23, in London. The image of Harry Potter is his most famous work in the cinema, which brought him fame and fortune. The state of Radcliffe is estimated at 40 million pounds sterling. In 2004, the London-based Sunday Times reported that Daniel was the richest English teenager after Prince Harry.

what's the name harry potter

Choosing an actor for the main role

The story of how Daniel got on setthe site of the Harry Potter movie, itself is like a fairy tale. The boy already made his debut in the film "David Copperfield", and this work was noticed by Chris Columbus, who subsequently took off the first two parts of "Potteriana". The young actor liked the director. Parents of Daniel first did not agree to the tests, fearing that the child will suffer a trauma in case of failure. However, the producer of the film David Hayman was able to agree with the boy's father, Alan Radcliffe. The samples were brilliant. Joan Rowling herself approved the choice of the tape makers and said that the meeting with Daniel caused her to feel reunited with her long-lost son. In August 2000, the whole world learned how Harry Potter will look on the screen, as the name of the actor who will play it. Fans of books about the adventures of a young wizard began to look forward to the end of filming.

The success of the picture

Shooting "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"began in September 2000, in November 2001 the film was released. The picture was an extraordinary success. Daniel's photographs adorned the pages of the world's most famous publications. About how the name of Harry Potter, the boy who played the main role, learned on both sides of the Atlantic. Radcliffe became a universal favorite, and the image created by him, instantly became a household name. Three days after the debut of the first part, the crew began work on the second one - the film "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".

Harry Potter as the name of the actor

Tricks in the movie

The whole team was surprised by the physicalpreparedness and acting skills of Daniel. The boy himself did all the tricks. Only the most risky scenes the director trusted stuntmen. For example, for doubles, where the game was played in Quidditch, Radcliffe had to be at a height of several meters, tied to a broomstick, and this did not frighten him at all. In the following pictures, the tricks became even more dangerous. Daniel had long been training for underwater filming in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Also during the filming of the actor was able to make a fall from a height of about 50 pounds. Radcliffe remembers that the wire to which he was attached was dropping so fast that his thoughts did not keep up with the movements of the body. The boy had to endure several takes, after which the process of falling from a height seemed even funny to him. Surely any teenager will truly answer the question of what is the name of Harry Potter in real life. Daniel Radcliffe has ideally approached on a role of "the boy who has survived".

Animals in the picture

In the film, many animals were shot. Animals play in the tale of Joan Rowling not the least role. Especially memorable pets pets of the main characters of the picture: rat Korosta, cat Chestnut and postal owl Buckle. Everyone remembers what the name of Harry Potter's owl was. In the English version, her name is Hedwig. Why Russian translators called her Buklei, remains a mystery. A dedicated snowy owl Harry played a spectacular white bird named Gizmo. Daniel Radcliffe always took care of her, carefully moved the cage from place to place, so that the owl would not be frightened.

what was the name of Harry Potter's owl


"Potteriana" won the hearts of fans of allof the world. The answer to the question of how the name of Harry Potter in life is known to all. The image of a magical student was beautifully portrayed on the screen by actor Daniel Radcliffe.

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