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Characteristics of Chatsky: who are the judges?

Chatsky, Alexander Andreevich, was enougha deep man for his time. Not alien to romance, he possessed a tenacious analytical mind and a rare ability to notice even the most insignificant processes taking place in society. The main characteristic of Chatsky lies in his intransigence.

characterization of Chatsky
Where another person keeps silent, AlexanderAndreevich, on the contrary, tries to develop the topic, expresses impartially, and sometimes categorically and categorically. Secular society, to which, according to the dictates of fate belonged Chatsky, did not tolerate a critical escapade in his address, and our hero did not miss the moment, carried everyone who was in the stagnation of being and did not want to think progressively.

And in so far practically the whole of societyhalf of the 19 th century consisted of inert, inactive people, then Chatsky did not have a moment of rest, he had to please his character and extremely active nature, constantly enter into some kind of conflicts, however, his point of view was not always successful. As a rule, he did not want to listen. We must give credit to Chatsky, he was always reserved and correct in his statements, he did not offend anyone with a harsh word, his politeness produced a favorable impression on others, no matter how poisonous sentences he did not regulate them. Characterization of Chatsky benefits from his courtesy.

brief description of Chatsky
But, nevertheless, the civil position of Chatskyso did not fit into the framework of public morality, that one day, he was insignificant, simply declared crazy. The beginning was put by Sophia, the object of his adoration, the object of love and reverence. It was enough for her to pass casually, passing among the guests, to throw casually: "... it seems Alexander Andreevich has gone out of his mind ..." and Chatsky was immediately sentenced to death by the whole of society, wrote to the guests of the "yellow house": "

- I said something, he started to laugh

- he called me modistkoyu

- my husband advised me to live in the village

- insane, insane

- I went to my mother, Anna Alekseevna went crazy eight times

- I pulled the champagne with glasses, and ...

- from women runs, even from me

Chatsky lacked all the humor to take lightly,characterization of Chatsky does not contain flexibility and tolerance, he was insincerely worried, he suffered, but he did not try to retire, he remained in public, as if faith in him that woke up, people would come to life and everything would be different. His hopes were vain, all in vain, "oh, times, o mores ...". And Chatsky, whose characterization is constantly changing, becomes pensive, all the subsequent disputes with Famusov or with some other of the guests go off as if forward, and he afterwards says something, uncertainly and not every time.

Here a brief description of Chatsky is supplementednew nuances, numerous and quite significant, and the full characterization of Chatsky also awaits its continuation. Standing behind the column, Alexander Andreevich witnessed Molchanin's courting the maid Liza. I listened to his confessions of love for the girl. The words poured smoothly, although Molchalin had not yet cooled off from talking to Sophia, who half an hour ago also confessed his love.

Sophia also happened to hear Lisa's conversation andMolchalina, her soul trembled and Molchalin became dear to her doubly. And Chatsky, at the same time, was doubly hated with his bloody annoying love. After all these events Chatsky asked the coach. And I went to search in the light, where the insulted person has a feeling of a corner. Will he find it?

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