/ / An interesting story and its brief content. "The joke" Chekhov will make you think

An interesting story and its brief content. "The joke" Chekhov will make you think

The article describes an interesting story, given its brief content. The "joke" of Chekhov makes us think about many things. For example, how sometimes youthful frivolity is cruel.

Laconic retelling of a story


So, let's describe the story of Chekhov's "Joke". Summary of the story: a young man came to the ice rink with a girl Nadenka. He persuades her to slip on a sledge from a steep hill, but the girl is very afraid. In the end, the guy still achieves her consent, and they are carried together down the snowy steep slope. On the descent with a strong gust of wind the young man leans towards his companion and says in a low voice: "I love you, Nadia!" When the young people came down, Nadenka wondered if her companion had admitted to her in love, or did she hear the coveted words? And the young man himself pretends that nothing has happened. The girl hesitates, perplexed, and then she herself invites the guy to roll off her again with a slide on the sled. And everything repeats itself again: at the next gust of wind the young man whispers: "I love you ...", and below it pretends that nothing happened. They skate for a long time, the guy sees the girl on the girl's face, that she worries, but it only amuses him. Here is a "joke" Chekhov! The brief content of this story will be continued below.

The next day, Nadia sends a young manA note in which he invites him to the rink. They again ride together on a sledge from a steep slope, each time during a descent a guy whispers to his companion the words of love, and below takes an indifferent look. But the girl already does not care - the wind admits to her in love or her companion, she is happy with these words. This continues until the spring. In March, the guy always leaves for Petersburg, but before leaving he comes to the girl's house and again through the fence she whispers to her: "I love you, Nadia!". The girl in return joyfully stretches out her hands to meet the wind.

Years passed ...

Chekhov's joke

As the story ends "The Joke" by Chekhov,a brief summary of which is given in the article? The reader is suddenly transferred to ten years in advance. He sees Nadenka already married, she has three children, but for her, the most romantic remembrance in life is still skiing from the hill and a gentle whisper of the wind ... And the young man grew up. Remembering about his joke, he just wondered, why did he say those words?

What does this "joke" Chekhov?

The summary of the story given inarticle, evokes sympathy and sympathy for Nadenka and negative emotions towards a young man who literally "threw words into the wind", brutally flirting with the heart of an impressionable young girl.

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