/ / A wonderful Russian landscape painter Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich. Paintings filled with love for the Motherland

A wonderful Russian landscape painter Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich. Paintings filled with love for the Motherland

The famous artist Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich, paintingswhich is widely known not only in Russia, but all over the world, glorified the charm of nature untouched by civilization. He left a rich heritage that preserved the beauty of his native land. During his life several hundred landscapes were written by Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich. The paintings of this artist are in many museums of the world and in private collections.

Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich paintings

short biography

Ivan Shishkin was born in Vyatka province, in the cityYelabuga, January 13, 1832, and died in St. Petersburg in 1898. He came from a rich merchant family, received his art education in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Then he moved to St. Petersburg, where he continued his professional education at the Imperial Academy of Arts. As one of the most talented students, I got the opportunity to continue my studies in Germany, and then in Switzerland.

Recognition of talent and diligence

Glory came to him early, but he accepted it asdue. She did not turn the young man's head. Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich painted pictures there. He was given orders in such large quantities that there was no time left for entertainment and an idle time. It also affected patriarchal upbringing with his commitment to Orthodox traditions, which he received in the family. The glory that came to him in his youth and stayed with him for the rest of his life did not leave him even after his death. This artist has never been in oblivion.

The most famous works

Until recently, in many houses on the walls, it was possiblesee the rugs with the landscapes woven on them "Ship Grove", "Morning in the Pine Forest", "Rye", which Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin wrote. Paintings, more precisely, reproductions of paintings, were used to design calendars, inserted into frames, printed on kitchen utensils and fabrics.

artist Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich paintings

It is no mere chance that the landscape with bears was chosen for decorating the most delicious and famous Russian sweets "Mishka kosolapy". The history of writing the picture is quite remarkable.

"Morning in a pine forest"

At that time, co-authorship in the picturesque craft wasa common thing. For example, in the picture of Vasily Perov "Hunters at halt" the sky was painted by Alexei Savrasov, and the lady on the canvas of Isaak Levitan "Autumn day. Sokolniki belongs to the brush of Nikolai Chekhov. Joint work for fun and seriously was very common. So, a serene bear family, which took a fancy to a pine-tree windbreak, is the work of the remarkable artist Savitsky.

If you imagine a picture without cubs, thenit seems that it was written by another artist, and not Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Pictures of Ivan Ivanovich - it is always alive and filled with inner energy nature: mighty and beautiful trees, a lot of sky, sunlight, ponds. For "Morning ..." he chose a landscape that was not typical for himself. Remove the cubs - and you will be amazed by the gloominess, desolation and danger of the place. It's such a moody, so to speak, bearish corner, in which it's very scary to be. There are no trails there, mushroom pickers and hunters do not wander. However, only in this place and you can expect to enjoy the game of little bears. The bear is a sensitive beast, people are avoiding, and a bear with a brood is always on the alert. How can I show my mood? Contrasts. Shishkin also turned out to be absolutely nontrivial. It turns out that you can depict the most dangerous beast of the Russian forest in such a way that it will suit both the children's room and the wrapping of chocolate sweets. This is the uniqueness of "Morning in the Pine Forest".

Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich picture description

Tension, even conflict, expressed inthe combination on one canvas of an inhospitable and dangerous place and the most dangerous predator - an adult bear with carefree babies, in the eyes of the spectators are transformed into a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Negative energy of the two main components - a quiet gloomy forest and a dangerous predator - is neutralized by the presence of small, fluffy, unknowing danger, very energetic, noisy and playful bear cubs. As a result, light and joy are overcome by a sense of happiness and fullness of life.

This phenomenon of the picture in its time struck PeterTretyakov - the collector of painting. And he bought tightly for his collection. In general, the famous collector was very impressed by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. The artist's paintings occupied the whole hall of his gallery. Initially, under the "Morning in the Pine Forest" there were two signatures - Shishkin and Savitsky, but Tretyakov considered that this work should be supported by the full authorship of Ivan Ivanovich. Between the famous collector of painting and the artist-wanderer Savitsky there were some tensions. For completeness of information about "Morning in the Pine Forest" we must add that Konstantin Apollonovich painted on the canvas a bear and two cubs, and the third on the right for the harmony drew himself Shishkin. It is interesting that one or two babies are born in the nature of a bear. Three is a rather rare case.

The artist of sunlight

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin filled the picture so alivelight and serenity, that he was often called an artist of the noon. Few people like him could picture nature when the sun is at its zenith and trees do not cast a shadow. Expressiveness can only be achieved with complete certainty.

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin paintings

Look at what most often drew ShishkinIvan Ivanovich pictures. The description of them is not too intricate. He rejected the need for additional psychologism in the depiction of nature. Its characteristic feature was photographic accuracy. He perfected his art all his life. His last painting - "Ship Grove" - ​​the apogee of creativity and a kind of testament to descendants.

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